Thanks, Translators!

Over the past few days I have received a lot of support from willing volunteers who translated Suffusion into different languages. I would like to thank each of you who did this: French – Wolforg. Given my familiarity with the basics of French, this is the first language to be officially included with the theme. […]

Issues with NextGEN Widgets on Suffusion

Recently an issue was brought to light by one of Suffusion’s users (Colin), where the NextGEN gallery widget wrecked the layout of the rest of the theme. I took a look at the issue and found a few things. As you are probably aware, I use Docking Boxes for some snazzy effects on the sidebar, […]

Suffusion Development Winding Down

Over the past couple of months I have spent a lot of time adding new features and supporting users of Suffusion. I started with a single template and now the theme has morphed to something with a good set of options. Of course, it is not as comprehensive as Atahualpa (and I don’t want to […]

Looking for Translators!

I made Suffusion translation-ready about a couple of weeks back and I have, since then, received a request for translation capability. As far as I know, getting translations costs money and unfortunately, since I provide both, this theme and its support for free, I don’t really have that essential ingredient. So I was wondering if […]

WP Docking Boxes not Working on Chrome?

I first came across the awesome Docking Boxes (dbx) on Nick La’s awesome theme, iTheme. Not sure what Docking Boxes are? Look at the side of this blog. You can drag the widgets up and down and collapse or expand them as you want. This is all thanks to some really great code from Brothercake. […]

Suffusion 2.2.2 is Now Live

Good news for people asking for a narrower main page – I brought it down to 1000px. The difference is imperceptible, but users concerned about low-res monitors can now breathe easy. In a subsequent release I am going to make the width configurable. I also put in a few other features: Dynamic gradient images in […]

Suffusion 2.2.1 is Now Live

Suffusion 2.2.1 went live on 8th September. The key features in this release are: New colors – You can now pick an orange-base A “Home” Button – You can show a “Home” icon or tab in addition to the pages on your blog in the navigation bar Control over comments – You can hide your […]

Suffusion 2.1.5 is Now Live

Suffusion 2.1.5 went live today. The key feature in this release was multiple sidebars. You can now define one or two sidebars for Suffusion and either position both on the same side of your posts, or one each on opposite sides. The theme can be downloaded from Suffusion’s official WordPress page and is maintained by […]

Suffusion 2.1.0 Released

Version 2.1.0 of Suffusion was released on August 31st. This was a minor release, with the following new feautures: A red theme was introduced Some bugs were fixed on the comments pages and in the page breadcrumbs As usual, the theme can be downloaded from the official WordPress site. Any comments, feedback and queries are […]

Suffusion 2.0.x Released

Version 2.0.x of Suffusion was released on 25th August 2009. Such a jump in versions was warranted because of the significant enhancements to functionality by providing theme options. To provide a gist: 9 new color schemes to choose from. The original used to be green on white. Now I have green, pale blue, royal blue, […]