Suffusion 2.2.1 is Now Live

Suffusion 2.2.1 went live on 8th September. The key features in this release are: New colors – You can now pick an orange-base A “Home” Button – You can show a “Home” icon or tab in addition to the pages on your blog in the navigation bar Control over comments – You can hide your […]

Suffusion 2.1.5 is Now Live

Suffusion 2.1.5 went live today. The key feature in this release was multiple sidebars. You can now define one or two sidebars for Suffusion and either position both on the same side of your posts, or one each on opposite sides. The theme can be downloaded from Suffusion’s official WordPress page and is maintained by […]

Suffusion 2.1.0 Released

Version 2.1.0 of Suffusion was released on August 31st. This was a minor release, with the following new feautures: A red theme was introduced Some bugs were fixed on the comments pages and in the page breadcrumbs As usual, the theme can be downloaded from the official WordPress site. Any comments, feedback and queries are […]

Suffusion 2.0.x Released

Version 2.0.x of Suffusion was released on 25th August 2009. Such a jump in versions was warranted because of the significant enhancements to functionality by providing theme options. To provide a gist: 9 new color schemes to choose from. The original used to be green on white. Now I have green, pale blue, royal blue, […]

Announcing the First Release of Suffusion

I am happy to announce “Suffusion”, my first experiment with a WordPress theme. The theme can be downloaded from the official WordPress Themes page. The theme uses light colors – mostly green, white and gray. It also makes use of Brothercake’s Docking Boxes, Drew Diller’s belatedPNG and some CSS3 features. It is a two-column fixed-width […]