Photonic Version 2.33 – Patch for PHP 5.6, Minor Fixes

In version 2.33 of Photonic (released a few hours back) I had to patch a few problems in version 2.32: There were two lines of code that wouldn’t work for versions of PHP < 7.0 - I have corrected them to work for PHP 5.6 If you are using an alternative shortcode for Photonic, there […]

Photonic Version 2.32 – New Instagram (or not), New PHP (for sure)

Version 2.32 of Photonic is now out. I posted a few days back about the likely disruption of Instagram galleries. This is now officially a reality. Due to COVID-19 Facebook has had to suspend their Individual Verification process. So, while they have established that Photonic is good to go, they are not yet sure about […]

Likely Disruption for Photonic Users with Instagram Galleries

It has been a while since I have posted here! Over the past few months a combination of factors have kept me from posting an update to Photonic – pressures at work, complexity of updates etc. However, there was one big-ticket item that needed doing – an Instagram API update. For the lack of features […]

Photonic Version 2.27 – More Optimization and Cord-Cutting

I have just released version 2.27 of Photonic. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons this took longer to release than my previous versions, and this is mainly down to a combination of personal and professional factors taking priority. This is mainly an optimization-specific release with the following changes: Removed dependency on jQuery Migrate: Whenever any […]

Photonic Version 2.26 – Adapting to Flickr Changes

Over the past one week Flickr made some undocumented changes to its uploads, so that when a user uploads photos, a few things were changing: Some URL formats stopped being supported. In particular if users were relying on the official documentation, they were likely to be facing some issues. New videos started getting their URLs […]

Kon-Tiki: A Fresh Coat of Paint

After almost 10 years this website features a new theme, Kon-Tiki. I started working on this quite some time back, but various priorities kept pushing this to the back-burner until I finally decided to go ahead and release it live on a couple of my sites. My personal page has had this for over a […]

Photonic Version 2.25 – Minor Release for Google Query Chaining

In version 2.24 of Photonic I had introduced a change to the behaviour for handling the filter attribute for Google Photos. The change I had made would internally make calls to Google so that all listed albums would get fetched. I have generally been against such automated calls, as they tend to hit API rate […]

Photonic Version 2.24 – Better Google Photos Behaviour

I have released version 2.24 of Photonic. This is a minor release with some mid-size changes: Improved Google Photos behaviour Google has the worst-in-class limits on how many photos and albums you can retrieve in one shot, and Photonic has a policy of not making calls to get the remainder of the photos in an […]

4 Months with Gutenberg

It has been almost 4 months since Gutenberg was released (on 6th December 2018) or foisted upon unsuspecting users, depending on your point of view. I had posted about it on my blog earlier as well as on the WordPress Reviews section, but I did want to revisit it now that I have had some […]