Photonic Version 2.66 – Slideshow Bug Fix

I released version 2.66 of Photonic on Thursday, 28th January. This is a minor release that addresses a “fatal error” when thumbnails were enabled in the slideshow mode of Photonic. There are no other changes in this version.

Photonic Version 2.65 – More Modularization, Bug Fixes

I have just released version 2.65 of Photonic. This is an evolutionary release, with the following changes: Bug Fixes – The following items have been fixed: Flickr photo searches for “All users” were not working; only user and group-specific searches were working. “Dynamic height” option in the slideshow was not sizing to the tallest image […]

Photonic Version 2.64 – Minor Stability Patches

I have just released version 2.64 of Photonic, which has a few minor bug fixes. The following items have been fixed: “Zoom upon hover” behaviour was broken for Justified Grid and Mosaic layouts. Thumbnails were not centering in the “square” layout. Google Photos was not working for Fancybox. Hope you enjoy this release!

Photonic Version 2.63 – CLS Reduction, CSS Cleanup

A Happy New Year to Photonic users! I have just released version 2.63 of Photonic with the following changes: CLS Reduction You might be wondering what CLS is. CLS stands for “Cumulative Layout Shift”. This is a fancy term introduced by Google’s PageSpeed team, which refers to the shifting of content when objects are rendered […]

Photonic Version 2.62 – Loading Mode and Slideshow Updates

As the Christmas time happens to be that time of the year when my day job takes a backseat, I am often able to devote time to my hobbies (coding being one of them) during the holidays. This year I was able to finally release the ES6 version of the plugin (though technically that came […]

Photonic Version 2.61 – Minor Stability Patch

I released version 2.61 of Photonic earlier today. This is a minor release with the following updates: The “Show Gallery” feature was not working for Justified Grids and Mosaic layouts for BaguetteBox, BigPicture, GLightbox, LightGallery, PhotoSwipe, Featherlight, Image Lightbox and Magnific. This wasn’t a new bug – apparently this has never worked for LightGallery, PhotoSwipe, […]

Photonic Version 2.60 – Hello ES6!

I released version 2.60 of Photonic earlier today. This is a major release that completes the modernization of the underlying framework of the plugin. Without much ado, here are the key highlights of this release: Switch to Modern JavaScript Undoubtedly one of the biggest undertakings in Photonic’s history, this update delivers a rewrite of the […]

Photonic Version 2.46 – Instagram oEmbed, jQuery Migrate

I released version 2.46 of Photonic a couple of hours back. Contrary to what I was planning for the release, this ended up being a much smaller patch to address a few things: Instagram oEmbed Deprecation I have often railed at Facebook for making things needlessly complicated when it comes to Instagram. In this latest […]

Upcoming Photonic Impact – Transitioning from jQuery

Ever since I started work on WordPress in 2009, I have been a big proponent of jQuery. Up until recently almost all my projects used jQuery, with Kon-Tiki eventually breaking the trend by discarding JavaScript altogether. The jQuery library came into prominence with a host of contemporaries – MooTools, Scriptaculous etc. It propagated the concept […]

Photonic Versions 2.44 & 2.45 – Stabilization Patch

I missed providing the change log for the last couple of Photonic releases, but both were fairly minor and dealt mostly with stabilization. Anyway, for the sake of completeness, here goes: 2.44 I removed the capability to show “more buttons” on archive views. This was a feature that was rarely used, if ever, but took […]