Photonic Version 1.21

Version 1.21 of Photonic addresses 2 things: SmugMug password-protected photos will now be visible to users who have authenticated into the system and have access to the photos. There was a bug in SmugMug’s popup albums that was killing the last photo. So you would always see one photo less than the total if the […]

Photonic Version 1.20

I have pushed out version 1.20 of Photonic, with one big feature: authentication. Almost all providers of online services offer some sort of authentication mechanism, typically OAuth. This includes Twitter, Flickr, Google, Facebook etc. A lot of these platforms have in fact moved away from proprietary authentication mechanisms to OAuth to support third-party integration. In […]

Photonic Version 1.12

I released version 1.12 of Photonic to patch a corner-case bug with Flickr. If a Flickr photo had double quotes in its title, this would mess with the markup. I have taken care of this issue. This release has no other changes.

Photonic Version 1.11

I have released version 1.11 of Photonic. The following are the changes for this release: I have combined some JavaScript files to save server round-trips. I have deleted some redundant JS files. I have also added the capability to use a default gallery type. This way if you decide to use only Flickr photos on […]

Photonic Version 1.10

I just released a small patch for Photonic in version 1.10. SmugMug albums, upon clicking were not resulting in a popup. This should be working fine now. Suffusion Beta Testers, please provide your feedback on the beta version!! I have only received one person’s response regarding it.

Photonic Version 1.09

I just released version 1.09 of Photonic. This is a small release with the following fixes: The Flickr shortcode was not able to display photos if only a group_id was specified. This has been fixed. Another fix was for a very specific use case: the album / photoset title in a popup panel was resulting […]

Photonic Version 1.08

A Happy New Year to all users of Suffusion and Photonic! This is a quick release for Photonic, to address the following: Google changed the Picasaweb API to return a maximum image size of 512px. I have made changes in the code to override that. I have updated the code to use the latest WP […]

Photonic Version 1.07

I have released version 1.07 of Photonic. The following are the changes in this version: I have added SmugMug support to the plugin. You can see some demo pages here. Note that the plugin currently supports unauthenticated calls. Also, you cannot use it for protected albums. In a subsequent release I will be expanding the […]

Photonic Version 1.07 Request

For a change, here is a request from my end. I am in the process of integrating SmugMug with Photonic. To build out the demo page I need permission to use some albums / photos from fine folks using the plugin. How will this help you? Well, I cannot think of any reason other than […]

Photonic Version 1.06

Version 1.06 of Photonic is now available for download. This release addresses the following: changed the mode of accessing its API from HTTP to HTTPS (and forgot to notify the developers!). I have modified the code to handle this. I have added the capability to sort photos in the 500px short code. You can […]