The Photonic plugin provides photo-blogging extensions to the WordPress gallery shortcode. Along with support for Flickr, Picasa and 500px, it provides a host of added functionality with JQuery goodness:

  • Standard WordPress galleries can be displayed as slideshows either automatically or upon clicking on a thumbnail.
  • With simple parameters the gallery short-code can now be used to display almost everything from Flickr:
  • You can also display a Picasa web-album with this extension.
  • Photos from 500px can be displayed quite easily too.
  • SmugMug support is built into the plugin as well:
  • The following JS libraries are supported for slideshows:
  • While the basis of the plugin is the tweaking of a shortcode, it can get challenging to remember all the different parameters of the shortcode. So Photonic bundles an insertion script with the Add Image media button in your admin panel:
    Click on the "Add Media" button

    Click on the “Add Media” button

    Click on the new "Photonic" tab

    Click on the new “Photonic” tab

    Click on the individual tabs for Flickr, Picasa etc.

    Click on the individual tabs for Flickr, Picasa etc.

The plugin is distributed through the WordPress plugin repository and is supported on the Support Forum.