Suffusion Version 3.3.7

Version 3.3.7 of Suffusion was released sometime back today. This release has some minor fixes for plugin compatibility issues and some look and feel modifications:

  1. Look and Feel Modifications in Admin Menu
    Based on the feedback I received for my attempts to group options, I went ahead and added this functionality to a bunch of other screens, like the Custom Emphasis Elements, Main Navigation Bar Setup, Top Navigation Bar Setup and Posts and Pages.
  2. Look and Feel Modifications for End Users
    I added new positioning options for information like “Posted By”, categories, tags and the comments link. You can now use the options to position these in any of the four positions available, or hide it altogether.
  3. Plugin Compatibility Enhancement
    There was a stylesheet compatibility issue with the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin. That has been fixed. Additionally I have enhanced WPML compatibility by adding support for the home page link and ensured that the category drop-down menu is working for other languages.
  4. New Languages
    There is a new Hebrew translation, courtesy Avi and a new Russian translation thanks to Vitaliy Treyvus.

4 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.3.7”

  1. “Look and Feel Modifications for End Users”
    Great, I’m having less and less code in the Custom CSS section 😉


  2. Once again nice update, great work on further grouping sections together.

  3. New version with new options. more and more interesting with theme!

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