Suffusion Version 3.3.8

Version 3.3.8 of Suffusion was released today with the following bug fixes and feature additions:

  1. RTL Layout Fixes
    I have managed to fix almost all issues here except some quirks with the navigation bar in IE6 and IE7 (the other browsers are fine). If you are not using an RTL language this will not impact you.
  2. Minor Bug Fixes
    There were some minor bug fixes done. First, the “target” setting for links in the drop-down menu in the navigation bars was being ignored. This has been taken care of. Mind you, the target setting is working fine if the links are not in a drop-down but are rather displayed as individual tabs in the navigation bar. Second, I put in a minor piece of code to order pages in ascending order for featured content. Apparently without this ordering the sequence was not being obeyed for some users.
  3. Options Changes
    I extended the “grouping” feature to the most popular options page, “Custom CSS, JavaScript and RSS”. I also made a very subtle change in the list of categories displayed in the options page for selection. Earlier if a category had no posts associated with it it wasn’t available for selection in say, the navigation bar setup. Now it will be available.
  4. The Norwegian and Hebrew translations have been updated. I received a new Hebrew translation, thanks to Tal Surasky.

I am gradually reaching saturation point with the 3.x releases. I have a list of around 15 more items that I would like to tackle before moving to the 4.x releases (with photo-blogging templates), but in the meanwhile here is a sample of what will be added to the 3.x releases:

  1. A few more widget areas and widgets.
  2. Full BuddyPress support, though I would like to wait for release 3.0 of WP before tackling this well. In the interim I will add inbuilt support for the BuddyPress template pack.
  3. Full integration with WPML.
  4. Better typography support, with ability to use custom fonts.
  5. Support for a few more plugins. One plugin that I really like is the Now Reading plugin by Rob Miller. I will provide a skin for the theme for this plugin. I will also extend support for some other common plugins.
  6. Some more tweaks to the options menus. The changes I have made so far have not received negative comments, so I will take that as positive feedback and continue doing those. I will also try to expand the use of JQuery and / or AJAX to the options pages.

As you can guess I have slowed down considerably with my development. However I do intend to fully deliver on the list above.

12 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.3.8”

  1. Class act…

  2. There another plugin called Now Watching ( which is based on the Now Reading plugin, if you enable support for Now Reading do you think it will work for Now Watching?
    I have no idea how you would know this, but thought I’d ask anyway.
    Good work on again improving Suffusion.

  3. Really looking forward to Now Reading on Suffusion!

  4. I think you’re doing a wonderful work and we’ll make another donation as we use your theme even in another of our sites. As you wrote about plugin implementation: we use a plugin for our ‘market online’ called Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin, but as you can see on our home page, it doesn’t work fine with suffusion. Its creator tried to adjust the style, but as soon as we upgraded Suffusion it hasn’t worked again. Could you find a way to support even this plugin?
    Another thing (always remember I’m a dummy!): is is possible to insert ‘Nodes’ in Suffusion as in the Arras Theme. If yes I’d like to use Suffusion even for the forth of our site.
    Tnx in advance, Cesca

    • Francesca,
      Thanks for your inputs. Can you please post this on the support forum? It is much easier for me to track requests and questions there, plus there are a lot of other volunteers who can help you there.


  5. ok, I post it there, tnx

  6. Can’t wait for BuddyPress support!

  7. How can I use Now reading with Suffusion? I have a Europe theme on my website with some customization and I would like to switch to Suffusion (I really liked the theme). The issues I am facing are as follows:
    1. How to enable Now reading? I need now reading books in side bar and a separate library page.
    2. When I click on manage subscription (for subscribe to comment), it shows an altogether different page with no theme feature (white page with plain html).
    3. I don’t want to use Suffusion SEO because I am already using Greg’s high performance SEO. Will Suffusion SEO interfere with Greg’s?
    4. How does Suffusion sites perform? Is there a shortfall that I should look for? Bottom line is that I want my site to be beautiful, lighting fast and SEO friendly.

    I am testing Suffusion on my development environment (Windows with IE8).

    • “Now Reading” (actually “Now Reading Reloaded”) is fully supported by the theme. You can take a look at my personal site for its use. For other questions please use the Support forum.

      • How did you put now reading in sidebar widget? I don’t see “now reading” so I cannot put in side bar. Also, “Manage your subscriptions” seems bad even on this site. Can’t it have the same theme feature (light blue background)?

        • I found the “now reading” widget in inactive widgets. I pulled and placed in side bar and it worked like a charm. Thank you Sayontan. However, I will still request to review “Manage Subscriptions”.

          • Not really sure what you are asking for in the “Manage Subscriptions” plugin – that plugin is not a part of Suffusion, and it offers a place for you to define the right markup. So you can put in the right content there yourself.

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