Suffusion Version 3.4.6

Version 3.4.6, which was released a little while back is a quick fix for an issue that was reported in 3.4.5. Here are the details:

  1. Bug Fix
    Due to the massive recoding in the previous release there was a bug that had crept in – you wouldn’t be able to create an empty drop-down menu for categories and pages. I have fixed this. Do let me know if you face problems with other aspects of the theme after the upgrade.
  2. Theme Skinning
    A frequently asked help topic has been regarding how to change the background for posts. Though this is very easy with Custom Styles, I decided to take the pain out of the process by letting this become customizable. Hop over to Visual Effects –> Theme Skinning and look for customizing your post background.
  3. Jan Roar Rød has provided an updated Norwegian translation, which works up to the latest version. Thanks!

Other translators, please send out your updates when you can. Thanks for your continued support!

22 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.4.6”

  1. This update cleared all of my settings i reverted back to 3.4.0 (which is the only earlier release i had) which brought back my custom settings but no longer prompting me to upgrade again.

  2. This release will wipe out all of your currect custom settings. All of your menus and color schemes and everything get reverted back to default. I tried it 3 times and same thing happened each time. Luckly i have a 3.4.0 to revert back to but i cant find archive releases to get 3.4.5 back until this is fixed

    • I know that your page will not show up as you expect. But this is something I documented very well in my previous release, and explained exactly what you need to be up and running in a matter of seconds.

  3. New theme installed perfectly. The migration process went in without a single problem. Thanks for that added tool! I did some heavy modifications and they all made the transition wonderfully. Thanks again for the greatest WP theme EVER!!

  4. The latest release has fixed the categories showing up in the main navigation bar so i’m happy.

    I’m also very happy that the SQL queries are much lower now. Ok it only shaves 0.2 seconds off the load time but it helps the server a little if you have less queries and page load just seems a little smoother to me so thats great.

  5. The new “Post Background Settings” section is great but transparency setting do not inherit correctly from wraper setting, once u estabish a transparency setting in wapper there no way to change it on post or sidebar and transparency slider in post sections become useless.


    PS: The theme is great BTW.

  6. I just installed your new upgrade and it wiped out all my links, categories, recent comments and archives. I also had an upgrade to a contact plug-in, so it might not be you. Is this only my site, or are you getting similar feedback elsewhere. If I can’t fix this, I’m out of business, because visitors will only be able to select what they can scroll. Thanks. g

    • Gary,
      Suffusion can’t have wiped out your blog’s settings, like your links, categories etc. You might have not been able to see them on your blog after upgrading, which is different from these actually being deleted, in which case you wouldn’t be able to see them in your admin pages.

      Did you follow the instructions here: ? This is also documented in the change log and on the “Don’t Panic” page of the theme.


  7. Looks like it’ll be OK. I just have to re-enter most of my settings. Thanks.

    • Gary,
      Are you sure? You can restore all of your old settings by doing the migration as I described – it takes less than 5 seconds.


  8. The upgrade looks fine. But the body fonts settings is unable to define Trebuchet MS – the other fonts are working great. And the other functions that I use still working perfectly.

  9. Hi, I’m a bit confused. I just installed WP last week, and installed whatever version of Suffusion was in the Themes section (assuming 3.4.5). Had everything all set and working perfectly, then I logged in yesterday, had a message to upgrade which I did to 3.4.6. It did wipe out alot of settings, but I just redid them. However, what I’m having a major problem with is with Pages. The oddest thing, no matter what I do, the content for Pages that are linked to in my sidebar menu or navigation bar shows the content for the Home page, even though the browser address page is showing correctly.

    For instance, sidebar nav Contact Us should show a Contact Us form.
    Main Nav, “Adopt” shows Home page content, click sidebar link “Pets for Adoption” it is the correct page..I’m really confused about what’s happening and how to fix it.

    I just started using WP last wee, so I’m not that familiar with it but this was all working fine prior to the upgrade. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    • You probably upgraded from an older version (3.4.3). There was a detailed post on how to handle the “options wiped out” situation. It would have taken you a couple of seconds to fix it.

      For the rest of your query please use the Support Forum.

      • Hi – thank you for your quick response. I actually figured out that it was my settings and had nothing to do with Suffusion! Everything is working perfectly now, thanks again!

  10. When i started the download counter was at 99,998, after the download it was 100,000. Congrats on this milestone, you have a great theme!

  11. I am having a problem with changing any of the settings under Visual Effects > Sidebars and Widget Areas > No matter what I change, as soon as I save the changes it goes back to the default setting. I.e. choose two sidebars, it goes right back to one. Also when it does this it resets every page to default settings as if the save changes button is doing what the reset all pages button does.

  12. When i updated, my page no longer showed up due to some php errors. When i wento to go change the theme, it no longer was there and it wasn’t even the theme selected. In its place is “Twenty Ten 1.1″…… So i reinstalled the new verison of this theme and the same thing happened, i get “Twenty Ten 1.1”.

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