An Update on Suffusion – Part 3

After slogging very hard the last 3 weeks I managed to get all the changes I was hoping to include in place for version 3.6.7 last night. Making use of the illusion of an extra hour from daylight savings I went ahead and tried to submit the theme to WordPress.

But as I tried to submit it I hit a snag. I kept getting a message that said:

Error 413: Request Entity Too Large

No matter what I tried and from which browser and machine, the error did not change. It is highly likely that the WP servers had a configuration change in the back-end. I did post out a message to the theme reviewers asking them as to why this is happening. After all the file is just marginally larger than the previous versions and I have never had this problem earlier. Let’s see what they say.

As I mentioned earlier, the primary features of this release were a reworking of the navigation bar code, a fundamental change to the HTML markup and a set of options for fluid/flexible width. In addition there have been a number of BuddyPress-related style changes. I will release a new version of the Suffusion BuddyPress Pack when this version of Suffusion gets approved.

I will post a detailed change log once the theme is approved.

3 Responses to “An Update on Suffusion – Part 3”

  1. I just did an auto-upgrade and my site disappeared. The WP dashboard exists, but I cannot see the site at its URL any more. Please help!

    • You were probably served a corrupt download, since I see the TwentyTen theme at your site. Do this:
      1. Either FTP to your wp-content/themes directory or use CPanel to get to it.
      2. Delete the directory called suffusion from there.
      3. Go to Appearance → Themes → Install Themes
      4. Search for Suffusion and reinstall the theme. Then activate it.

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