Suffusion Version 3.7.7

Version 3.7.7 was released earlier today. This release mostly has bug fixes for 3.7.5. The following are the changes:

  1. I have included a workaround for a rather weird critical bug affecting some installations. The symptoms of the bug are that the header in the options page loads up, then nothing happens. I tracked it down to a bug due to those installations failing to load the jquery.cookie.js file. What makes this bug weird is that the file is there, yet accessing it returns a 404 error. What makes the bug (and the fix) weirder is that if I yank that file and put its contents in another place, the bug resolves itself.
  2. There was a bug that wasn’t updating the options CSS if you had set it to be auto-generated. This has been addressed.
  3. Resized images were not being generated in the default settings. If, however, you saved options on, say, the Featured Content page, the images would show up fine. I have fixed this issue.
  4. I have added basic post-format support without any special treatment, so as to be ready for WP 3.1. Further handling of post formats will be done in subsequent releases.
  5. Another fix is for folks on PHP 4.x. There was a call to a feature (instanceof) that came up in PHP 5, so people on PHP 4 were getting a critical error.

Hope this takes care of the issues with 3.7.5.

26 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.7.7”

  1. Installing failed and WordPress reverted to the default theme from when I first installed it on the server. When I try and reinstall this version or the older version you linked to in the post below, I can’t because it tells me it failed because the “Destination folder already exists.” I’m thinking that if I go onto the server and delete the folder all the hours of customizing my theme before I tried to update to 3.7.7 with go with it to. Bummer. I have another blog I’m using Suffusion on, and I’m not going to upgrade of course. Is anyone else having any trouble.

    • This has been documented a few times in the last few hours. See here: Nothing happens to your settings if you overwrite the folders.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply. I followed your instructions via the link you posted and it worked perfectly. No problems and I love the new 3.7.7 version.

        Thanks again.


        • I had the same problem as Sean but followed the instruction and all is well now. However … I didn’t need an FTP for uploading. I could upload the zipfile directly to my file manager in my cpanel and extract the files there. Worked 100%.

          Thanks for a very nice theme. The coffecup is on it’s way.


  2. I have just upgraded our wordpress blog to 3.7.7. Looks like everything worked. But, the drop down menu option is not working in the Top Navigation bar. It showing all menu/sub menu as individual items. Not Drop Down even when Drop-down menus and widget areas option was selected in the Set up the Top Navigation Bar. We display only menu items in the top navigation bar. No pages or categories or etc. Could you please take a look @ it and let me know what i am missing here. I have just selected continuous list option for now.

    2nd problem. There is a huge gap between the the AdClickMedia ad’s image and “Ads by AdClickMedia” text. I am not sure it’s because they way Suffusion handles the widgets or bug within WordPress. I would appreciate if you take a look @ it as well. I had this problem before the upgrade as well.

  3. Hi, when I go to update automatically from within the dashboard, it prompts that any customisations will be lost. I didn’t get this prompt when updating to 3.7.5 two days ago. Can you confirm what customisations this is referring to? Or more importantly, that this doesn’t mean that any customised theme options set through the dashbaord interface are reset to default?


    • You get the prompt if you upgrade from Appearance → Manage Themes, not if you upgrade from Dashboard → Updates. The message is to warn you that if you have made any changes to your files or folders you will lose them. Your options are safe.

  4. Thanks.

  5. I like new layout and new all :). Thank you!

  6. Is this compatible with the new WP version 3.1?

    (I have learned the hard way not to take too many risks with new upgrades.)

    • Some people have been facing some problems with 3.7.7 in general, which don’t necessarily have anything to do with code. A lot of others have had no issues with upgrades on either side. Your choice, really. You might want to wait it out a bit.

  7. There is a way in this version for Featured Content to not be seen in slide mode? Let’s say I want to see 5 featured posts in static mode in area below header. There is possible pls?

  8. Hi,
    is it ok with the new version of wordpress (3.1) ?
    Thank you, you made an awesome job with this theme !

  9. I had problems with version 3.7.7 going to white page when trying to navigate theme options. I tried deleting and installing a fresh install from WordPress directory and the Google download zip file. I am using WordPress multisite. I did not have this problem on another single WordPress installation.

    When I disabled W3 Total cache, everything works fine. apparently there is a conflict with Total cache plugin.

    I hope this helps and I hope there is a resolution with W3 total cache soon.

    • I don’t think there is a conflict with W3 Total Cache as such, but what might be required is to rebuild your caches for the plugin.

    • same problem as you! any idea how to solve it?

  10. Hi! 🙂

    I first upgraded to the new wp 3.1, with no problems, and then upgraded Suffusion to 3.77.

    Except from the language in my comments switched from my danish to english, everything looked fine.

    But when I pressede the Suffusion menu-button in the WP control panel, it shortly stated something like “You don’t have enough right to see this” and it removed the Suffusion-menu absolutely from the wp-control panel! It’s gone!

    I’m always logged in as ADMIN.

    I’ve tried to deactivate my few WP security plugins, but no change, the Suffusion Menu is gone!?

    Best Regards Peter

    • Peter,
      As noted in my previous post, the menu has changed positions. You will get an error if you access the old link. You simply need to refresh your admin page to see the new link.

  11. Using both WP 3.1 and 3.7.7 now – no problems noted ! (upgraded from 3.7.5)

  12. Hello,

    I was an early adopter of the beta version :

    I am trying to save my settings through the ‘export settings’ option before upgrading but it will not do this.. Is there any way of saving my settings before upgrading,.. I dont want to loose my work.


    • As it turns out, the export functionality is broken. I have fixed it for version 3.7.8, so if you wish you can wait for it. If you want to backup your work you might want to go down a version to 3.7.3 and export it from there. Instructions are provided here.

  13. I’m a little bit nervous that I have overlooked something again, but the fact is, that all my height-parameters in my html IMG commands is ignored now, which causes the layout at my pages and posts to look like a mess. The peculiar thing is that the width-parameter still functions. I updated both WP til 3.1 and Suffusion, so I have no clue whether it’s the theme or WP.

    Best regards Peter

  14. Since upgrading to 3.7.7 my host has kept on contacting me saying my php5 processes are eating CPU and they have had to shut down my sites.

    Is there any chance this is anything to do with the Suffusion upgrade? I did a few other changes at the same time so am trying to work out what happened.

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