Patch for Suffusion Version 3.9.4

The last time I submitted a version it got stuck in the review queue for 2 weeks. So this time I am releasing a patch for the issues identified in 3.9.4. Please note that each of these issues is minor and only occurs in a less used scenario (rotating headers, static tabbed sidebar with custom tab headers and tall site footers). People who haven’t faced issues don’t need the patch.

You can get the patch from the Google Code page. I have deliberately left the version number at 3.9.4, so that you can update it directly from WP when they approve it there. For instructions on how to install the patch, see the “Having Installation Trouble” section.

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  1. thanks

  2. Hey Sayontan,

    Just curious: is this “patched” version of 3.9.4 identical to the 3.9.5 you submitted to (except for the version number in the readme)? In other words, if I update to and fully test this version, will there then be any reason to update to 3.9.5 too – or I can just change the version number and am effectively in the same place?

    • Yes, it is identical. Note that if I discover something else and patch it (it does seem like there are still a couple of featured image issues in some cases that I haven’t been able to pinpoint), I will submit that as 3.9.6. So you might directly get 3.9.6 instead of 3.9.5.

  3. Hello Sayontan,
    we would just like to thank you for your wonderful theme, it is very easy to use and to learn, we are beginners but we build three websites using it!
    Once again THANKS!
    We just have some minor issues on the presentation on the different browsers. We are trying the “browser specific css” hopefully that will be better using this.
    We build

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