Jan 242012

I just released a small patch for Photonic in version 1.10. SmugMug albums, upon clicking were not resulting in a popup. This should be working fine now.

Suffusion Beta Testers, please provide your feedback on the beta version!! I have only received one person’s response regarding it.

Jan 172012

I just released version 1.09 of Photonic. This is a small release with the following fixes:

  1. The Flickr shortcode was not able to display photos if only a group_id was specified. This has been fixed.
  2. Another fix was for a very specific use case: the album / photoset title in a popup panel was resulting in a JS error when hovered over.
  3. The Picasa shortcode inserter was not showing any option to specify the album name. I have added one.

Now, I have to get back to Suffusion version 4.0.0. Cheers.

Jan 012012

A Happy New Year to all users of Suffusion and Photonic!

This is a quick release for Photonic, to address the following:

  1. Google changed the Picasaweb API to return a maximum image size of 512px. I have made changes in the code to override that.
  2. I have updated the code to use the latest WP 3.3 functionality. This should be transparent from your point of view – only the workings behind the scene have changed.
  3. IE users of the Fancybox script within Photonic would be presented with “Not found” messages in their log. I have rectified this.

There were a few changes requested for SmugMug, like supporting protected albums, buying etc. I haven’t been able to add that, but I will do so pretty soon.

Nov 092011

I have released version 1.07 of Photonic. The following are the changes in this version:

  1. I have added SmugMug support to the plugin. You can see some demo pages here. Note that the plugin currently supports unauthenticated calls. Also, you cannot use it for protected albums. In a subsequent release I will be expanding the access further.
  2. There was a request to suppress the file names that were being shown in Picasa in case of a missing title. I have addressed that.

Please let me know what you think.

Nov 082011

For a change, here is a request from my end. I am in the process of integrating SmugMug with Photonic. To build out the demo page I need permission to use some albums / photos from fine folks using the plugin.

How will this help you? Well, I cannot think of any reason other than free publicity. You can check out the Flickr / Picasa / 500px.com demo pages of Photonic for sample usage.

How will this not harm you? That is a more pertinent question. Any watermarked photos that you have will remain with the watermarks shown. Plus I am never shy with giving credit where due, so your work will be proclaimed as your work, not mine.

How will this help me? Well, I will have something to demo for SmugMug. That can only be a good thing.

Version 1.07 should be out soon, and as you can guess, it will feature integration with SmugMug. This version will have basic unauthenticated access, which is good enough for viewing albums, photos etc. Subsequent versions might cover authentication as well for all service providers. Authentication will help you see/add comments for photos and will also unlock various APIs for signed in users.

Oct 272011

Version 1.06 of Photonic is now available for download. This release addresses the following:

  1. 500px.com changed the mode of accessing its API from HTTP to HTTPS (and forgot to notify the developers!). I have modified the code to handle this.
  2. I have added the capability to sort photos in the 500px short code. You can pass the sort parameter to the invocation with values created_at, rating, times_viewed and taken_at. Thanks to David Gabel for pointing this out.
  3. There was a minor issue with the PrettyPhoto script, where it was not showing the link to view in Flickr, which is required as per Flickr’s Terms of Service.

Do let me know in case of any issues.

Oct 252011

I have released version 1.05 of Photonic. The following are the changes:

  1. I have introduced support for the PrettyPhoto library, in addition to the currently supported Fancybox and ColorBox. To use it, simply select it from Generic Options → Gallery Settings. Note that PrettyPhoto comes bundled with a handful of skins. You can pick a skin of your choice from Generic Options → JS Library Settings → PrettyPhoto Theme.
  2. I have also introduced the capability to launch a slideshow when you click on a thumbnail. To activate go to Generic Options → Gallery Settings and select the Slideshow mode.
  3. I added a check to determine if _wp_additional_image_sizes is present. One user reported an error regarding this.
  4. There was a bug with the thumbnail_width and thumbnail_height attribute of the plugin. The attributes should have been called thumb_width and thumb_height. I have fixed this.
  5. I fixed a bug that was not accepting the border settings.

Hope you like this release.

Sep 212011

Yes, yes, I know I said I would fix the Suffusion bug, but I guess I am so excited about Photonic that I keep churning out one new version after another. The latest release has one big addition: 500px. This complements the current functionality of dealing with Flickr, Picasa and native WP. While I have also procured access to SmugMug, building the integration with 500px is more of a “Thank You” to Colin Spencer, who has been an active support volunteer for Suffusion since its earliest versions. In fact he has been the longest standing volunteer for the theme.

Here are the key features of this release:

  1. New support for 500px. You can include your photos in a variety of ways. Check the demo page for some examples of the implementation. Note the following:
    1. To get the integration working, you have to get a Consumer API Key.
    2. Once you have the API key, it is not immediately active, unlike Flickr or SmugMug. You have to check your registered applications, then see the details for the application you have created. Unless for “Approved?” it says “Approved. You’re good to go”, your API key will not work.
    3. I believe the server that handles the API calls has some downtime at night (at least it was down last night). If this is a recurring event, it is going to become an issue. However this is not something in my control, and I would put it down to the fact that 500px’s API is in its nascent stages.
  2. I have also modified the ColorBox invocation slightly so that the launched window fits within the browser display.

Cheers, and hope you like the release.

Sep 202011

Version 1.03 of Photonic is now available. This version has the following important changes:

  1. Flickr Galleries are now supported, in addition to Photosets, Collections and Photos.
  2. Some users had reported a “Division by zero” error message for Picasa galleries. While there was a very easy way to fix this (simply by re-saving or resetting the options), I have nipped this in the bud.
  3. I fixed an issue with Chrome, Safari and any of WebKit’s progeny, where the native gallery slideshows were overlapping content below them.
  4. I have also added options to reduce the overhead for displaying native galleries as slideshows. You can now pick from any size supported by your theme.

In other news, I have now got access to SmugMug’s API as well as 500px’s. Both, however, require OAuth integration, which is a whole new ballgame. I have started putting the plumbing together, but this will take a bit of time to implement.

I am now going to fix the one bug that came out of Suffusion 3.8.3. Folks who have worked with the latest version of Suffusion, I await your feedback on the new features and performance improvements that came with it. I am all ears.

Also note that while I have shut down “Feature Requests”, I have been listening to you and waiting for the right moment to add a feature. However, with one hyper-popular theme (Suffusion), one cumbersome plugin (Suffusion BuddyPress Pack), one favourite plugin (Photonic) and some more plugins in the works, it is going to be more and more difficult for me to manage my time.

Sep 072011

I uploaded a new version of Photonic today (1.02). This provides a UI interface for insertion of the shortcodes and makes it easier for you because you don’t have to remember a bunch of parameter names.

I would have dearly liked to provide access to SmugMug, but I have been twiddling my thumbs since putting in my request for API access last week.

Also, a couple more things are on my agenda for Flickr: access to Galleries (as opposed to Photosets and Collections) and display of single photos with description, comments etc. Anyone out there with a Flickr gallery that I can showcase?

(As you can guess I am looking for diversions to get around the fact that the native Custom Header Images requirement in Suffusion is causing me grief)