Smugmug Access in Photonic 1.57

As outlined in my previous post, I updated Photonic to use the latest version of Smugmug’s API, v2. Apparently this causes your API keys to stop working unless you provide some authorization. Don’t worry – it is a lot easier than it sounds. This is what you do: Login to your Smugmug account. Go to […]

Photonic Version 1.56 – New Title Style

I have released version 1.56 of Photonic. This version has the following changes: You can now get a “slide-up” style title for all your thumbnails, in addition to the JQuery Tooltip and other options that you have. I removed some syntax that was causing the plugin to break installations with PHP versions 5.3 or below. […]

Photonic Version 1.55 – Streamlined Popups, Password-Protected Smugmug Albums

Version 1.55 of Photonic is now live. The following are the changes: Earlier, password-protected albums on Smugmug would display only for authenticated users. Now, if you simply pass the password attribute, your album will display. The Smugmug module now supports the site_password attribute as well. Translations are now officially supported via the WordPress site for […]

Photonic Version 1.54 – Lightweight Gesture Support, Translations

I have just released version 1.54 of Photonic. This is a minor version with the following changes: I changed the added gesture script for PrettyPhoto, Colorbox and Fancybox from TouchSwipe to TouchWipe. This started out as a leap of faith, given that TouchWipe doesn’t work on its homepage itself, but in the end it was […]

Photonic Version 1.53 – Lightboxes for All, and Authkey

I just released version 1.53 of Photonic. This is a pretty small release with a couple of big new additions: You now have the option to use Photonic’s lightbox for non-Photonic images. Bye bye, standalone lightbox plugins! One oft-requested feature had been the support for displaying Picasa albums with an access key. This is now […]

Photonic Version 1.52 – Enhanced Layout and Gesture Support

I have released Photonic Version 1.52, with a plethora of changes: I have provided a new option to save the automatically generated CSS into a file. The option is under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Generic Settings. I had, in the previous version, provided support for “Random tiled galleries”. This was restricted to […]

Photonic Version 1.51 – Tiled Layouts and More!

A Happy New Year to all users of my themes and plugins! With the New Year comes a new release of Photonic, version 1.51. I have been gradually ramping up the functionality of what happens to be my favourite plugin, and this time I have introduced what is a pretty big feature – tiled layouts! […]

Photonic Version 1.50

I have just released version 1.50 of Photonic, which has some pretty nifty updates. Here is a summary: One shortcoming that Photonic had was that it didn’t support gestures on mobile devices. That is one less shortcoming with version 1.50. I have added support for Swipebox, which is the default lightbox at present. Swipebox also […]