FontMeister Version 1.02

I have released version 1.02 of FontMeister with a minor feature addition: TinyMCE support. Fonts that you add through FontMeister will now be visible in the drop-down list of fonts that you see in your visual editor in WP for editing posts and pages. Note that for Typekit fonts you will not be able to […]

FontMeister Version 1.01 and a Suffusion Update

I patched a minor problem affecting some users of FontMeister. Affected folks were unable to add new fonts to their stack – this update should take care of the problem. A small Suffusion update – I am working on a new skin. It is going to look very different from what you have seen from […]

FontMeister Version 1.00

For the longest time I have wanted to write a font management plugin to facilitate the easy addition of fonts to a user’s font stack. Finally last week, after submitting the HTML5 edition of Suffusion I had some breathing room to fit the development cycles required for such a plugin. I would like to introduce […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.02

This is a late announcement regarding an update for the Suffusion Commerce Pack. I released version 1.02 of the plugin a couple of days back, but got too buried in my work to post this update. The version addresses a problem with the Prospress module in the auctions page. I have also submitted version 4.2.0 […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.01

Suffusion and Photonic pretty much hold a duopoly over my WordPress development efforts, relegating all other plugins to the backburner. In this release of the Suffusion Commerce Pack I have fixed a bug with Prospress pertaining to its use with WP 3.3. Support for WooCommerce and WP e-commerce are in the queue, as soon as […]

Photonic Version 1.22

I have released version 1.22 of Photonic with the following changes: There was a problem with the authentication behaviour. If you weren’t connected to the internet and authentication options were switched on, your site would return fatal errors. This shouldn’t happen any more. I had earlier erroneously stated the license of PrettyPhoto to be “Creative […]

Photonic Version 1.21

Version 1.21 of Photonic addresses 2 things: SmugMug password-protected photos will now be visible to users who have authenticated into the system and have access to the photos. There was a bug in SmugMug’s popup albums that was killing the last photo. So you would always see one photo less than the total if the […]

Photonic Version 1.20

I have pushed out version 1.20 of Photonic, with one big feature: authentication. Almost all providers of online services offer some sort of authentication mechanism, typically OAuth. This includes Twitter, Flickr, Google, Facebook etc. A lot of these platforms have in fact moved away from proprietary authentication mechanisms to OAuth to support third-party integration. In […]

Photonic Version 1.12

I released version 1.12 of Photonic to patch a corner-case bug with Flickr. If a Flickr photo had double quotes in its title, this would mess with the markup. I have taken care of this issue. This release has no other changes.

Photonic Version 1.11

I have released version 1.11 of Photonic. The following are the changes for this release: I have combined some JavaScript files to save server round-trips. I have deleted some redundant JS files. I have also added the capability to use a default gallery type. This way if you decide to use only Flickr photos on […]