Suffusion bbPress Pack Version 1.01

I released version 1.01 of Suffusion bbPress Pack with a couple of updates: Viewing group forum topics was causing an error, thanks to changes that bbPress made with their 2.1 version. I have taken care of it at my end. I put in a sanity check so that even if you haven’t got bbPress, the […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.10

I have released an update to the Suffusion Commerce Pack. Version 1.10 has one key feature: WooCommerce integration. So, the supported ecommerce plugins at this point are Jigoshop, WooCommerce and Prospress. Give it a shot and feel free to provide me with your feedback. Please bear in mind that I am not a Jigoshop / […]

Suffusion bbPress Pack Version 1.00

The “coded-during-a-layover” plugin, Suffusion bbPress Pack is now available for download. Much like the Suffusion BuddyPress Pack plugin, this is aimed at providing you with modified plugin markup suitable for your Suffusion-based site. It copies over a bunch of template files to your theme folder and makes your theme work with bbPress. It is best […]

Photonic Version 1.23

After a long time I managed to do something on Photonic. This is for the users of Photonic now supports tag and term based search of images. In addition, the following new capabilities have been added for Support for category exclusion by use of the exclude parameter Inclusion of some more “sort by” […]

FontMeister Version 1.02

I have released version 1.02 of FontMeister with a minor feature addition: TinyMCE support. Fonts that you add through FontMeister will now be visible in the drop-down list of fonts that you see in your visual editor in WP for editing posts and pages. Note that for Typekit fonts you will not be able to […]

FontMeister Version 1.01 and a Suffusion Update

I patched a minor problem affecting some users of FontMeister. Affected folks were unable to add new fonts to their stack – this update should take care of the problem. A small Suffusion update – I am working on a new skin. It is going to look very different from what you have seen from […]

FontMeister Version 1.00

For the longest time I have wanted to write a font management plugin to facilitate the easy addition of fonts to a user’s font stack. Finally last week, after submitting the HTML5 edition of Suffusion I had some breathing room to fit the development cycles required for such a plugin. I would like to introduce […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.02

This is a late announcement regarding an update for the Suffusion Commerce Pack. I released version 1.02 of the plugin a couple of days back, but got too buried in my work to post this update. The version addresses a problem with the Prospress module in the auctions page. I have also submitted version 4.2.0 […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.01

Suffusion and Photonic pretty much hold a duopoly over my WordPress development efforts, relegating all other plugins to the backburner. In this release of the Suffusion Commerce Pack I have fixed a bug with Prospress pertaining to its use with WP 3.3. Support for WooCommerce and WP e-commerce are in the queue, as soon as […]