Photonic Version 1.68 – Google Photos and More “More”

Version 1.68 of Photonic is now out. This version has the following changes: Google Photos API: Google announced that Picasa was shutting down in February 2016. Two years and three months later it finally introduced a new API for Google Photos in May 2018. As soon as it did so, a few features stopped working […]

Photonic Version 1.67 – More Instagram

I had to release a small patch for Instagram and Flickr while prepping for a bigger release. Version 1.67 has the following changes: If a user’s Instagram profile had a large number of photos, there was no way to get all of them. Now Photonic shows a “More” button till all photos are exhausted. Upon […]

Photonic Version 1.66 – Now Playing Videos, And No

Version 1.66 of Photonic is now out. This release has the following items: Video Support This is the big ticket item in this version. Like everything Photonic, video support is very comprehensive. I have added support for videos within Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Zenfolio and Instagram, as well as self-hosted MP4 files, and videos from YouTube […]

Photonic Version 1.63 – TinyMCE Integration, StripJS Support

Photonic Version 1.63 has been released with two major updates requiring contrasting levels of development skill: TinyMCE Integration One of the most frequently raised support topics for Photonic was that upon inserting a gallery the user was presented with “No Items Found”. In each of those instances, upon performing troubleshooting what I found is that […]

Photonic Version 1.62 – Slideshow Layout, Lightgallery Support, jQuery Cycle Phaseout, and Redesigned Back-End

Version 1.62 of Photonic is now out. The following are included in this release: Slideshow Layout Up until now the native WP galleries could be displayed in a slideshow mode, by setting style=’no-strip’, style=’strip-below’ or style=’strip-above’. Now you can do this for any type of gallery. Since the other galleries don’t have a style attribute, […]

Photonic Version 1.60 – Load More, and Lightcase

Version 1.60 of Photonic is now out. This version has the following updates: “Count” support in SmugMug Photonic interfaces for all providers have had a capability to restrict the number of photos pulled. Flickr has per_page, Google Photos / Picasa max_results, Zenfolio limit, 500px rpp (results per page), and Instagram count. The big exception to […]

Photonic Version 1.59 – New Instagram and Picasa Integration, Lazy Loading, New Lightbox, And Instagram API Sucks.

I have just released version 1.59 of Photonic. This is a very big release, with a lot of far-reaching changes: Rewritten Instagram Integration: Some time in June 2016 Instagram made several changes to its API. Every service provider makes changes to APIs (SmugMug has done it, Twitter has done it, and, notoriously, Google has done […]