Suffusion Version 3.4.6

Version 3.4.6, which was released a little while back is a quick fix for an issue that was reported in 3.4.5. Here are the details: Bug Fix Due to the massive recoding in the previous release there was a bug that had crept in – you wouldn’t be able to create an empty drop-down menu […]

Suffusion Version 3.4.5

I submitted version 3.4.5 a few minutes back. Normally I post the release announcement after the theme gets approved, but given the fact that I will be extremely busy during the day, I might not be able to post this update in a timely manner if I don’t do it now. Version 3.4.5 is a […]

Suffusion Version 3.4.3

I had to release 3.4.3 ahead of time as a patch for 3.4.2. Some users have had problems with the custom PHP include functionality that I provided in the previous version. So here are the key features of this release: A patch that prevents the “Fatal Error” occurrence that some people have been having with […]

Suffusion Version 3.4.2

After the rather non-core 3.4.1, the 3.4.2 release has quite a few new core additions. Custom PHP I added a new capability to include custom PHP. Though this appears minor, it is actually a significant addition in a lot of ways. For one, you can make use of the hooks built into Suffusion, plus any […]

Suffusion Version 3.4.1

After probably the longest I have gone without submitting a release in the last few months, version 3.4.1 is out. This release has no new core features, but does have a brand new extension: I had written earlier about supporting the “Now Reading” plugin. I am happy to announce that I have added that into […]

Suffusion Version 3.4.0

Version 3.4.0 of Suffusion was released today with the following updates: Added the capability to “unlink” pages in the navigation bar. I had received a request quite often to allow disabling the clicking of certain pages in the navigation bar, particularly if they had sub-pages. I have added some code to enable this. Another oft-requested […]

Suffusion Version 3.3.9

Version 3.3.9 of Suffusion was released today with a few specific bug-fixes: RTL CSS There was an error in the loading sequence of rtl.css, which was getting loaded after the custom styles. I have taken care of this. Other Fixes There was a problem with the maximum image size in the “No Sidebars” template. This […]

Suffusion Version 3.3.8

Version 3.3.8 of Suffusion was released today with the following bug fixes and feature additions: RTL Layout Fixes I have managed to fix almost all issues here except some quirks with the navigation bar in IE6 and IE7 (the other browsers are fine). If you are not using an RTL language this will not impact […]

Suffusion Version 3.3.7

Version 3.3.7 of Suffusion was released sometime back today. This release has some minor fixes for plugin compatibility issues and some look and feel modifications: Look and Feel Modifications in Admin Menu Based on the feedback I received for my attempts to group options, I went ahead and added this functionality to a bunch of […]

Suffusion Version 3.3.6

After a week long hiatus version 3.3.6 of Suffusion is out. The following are key aspects of this release: New Option Grouping I tried experimenting with some option grouping and put in a proof of concept in the Visual Effects –> Sidebars and Widget Areas section. Let me know if that makes things easier or […]