Feb 172011

Over the past few weeks I received quite a few translations submitted to me via email and through the support forum. My apologies for not having got to them earlier.

I have uploaded all the new translations and updates to old ones on the translations page. Thanks to the following folks for the new translations:

  1. Farakav for Persian
  2. CoffeeMan for Romanian
  3. Olga Kai for Ukrainian

Translations have been updated for Dutch (Wim), German (Connie) and Simplified Chinese (Abe). Thanks, folks!

Please note that translations will not be included in the core theme starting from release 3.7.4. They will all be available from the translations page. The best way to use a translation will be to create a child theme.

Feb 162011

Folks, thanks to all of you who gave Beta 1 a shot. Particular thanks to Marcel Bokhorst, Colin Spencer and 80486er for all your critical bug reports.

Since Beta 1 didn’t throw up too many alarms, I am releasing Beta 2. Please download the file and follow the same instructions as in Beta 1. There are a few changes between the two Betas:

  1. Bugs reported in Beta 1 have been fixed.
  2. I have gotten rid of the option to save an entire section because of potential conflicts with Suhosin. In other words, in Beta 1 you had the extra ability to save “Theme Skinning”, which would save options on all screens of the theme skinning section.
  3. I introduced an option to force compatibility mode view for IE8. This is to assuage the concerns of folks who have been using Suffusion with plugins like NextGEN and have been facing gallery rendering issues.

If this release goes without too many issues I should be able to submit a formal release during the weekend and return life to normalcy!

Cheers, and do let me know of bugs that you encounter.

Feb 112011

Finally, after months of effort I have been able to give reasonable shape to the first Beta release of version 3.7.4. Please excuse the weird numbering for this release – I was trying to come up with a numbering scheme that would enable some notification functionality.

In my previous post I highlighted some of the key changes in this version. I will not elaborate on that list here. Instead I will try to enumerate how to go about doing Beta testing.

One thing, though: due to a change of rules established by the WP Theme Review Team I had to again move back to providing a single link for the options of the theme. So instead of a separate menu for Suffusion at the bottom of the left side in the admin section, you again have something like this: Appearance → Suffusion Options. On the positive side, I hopefully managed to make the back-end look a lot better than a high-school web-design project.

Warning: Please don’t install this on a live site! Since this is a Beta release not all functionality is iron-clad.

How to Set it Up

  1. You can download the beta version here. Save the downloaded file locally.
  2. Unzip it. The zip file has a folder called suffusion.
  3. If you do not have an online test environment read through the following steps. Otherwise see point #4.
    1. Export your current live blog. You don’t have to take a copy of the database – you simply need to go into Tools → Export in your admin panel (this is different from Suffusion’s Import/Export settings). After making the appropriate selections click on “Download Export File”. Save the XML file.
    2. You can set up a new WP installation through your host’s control panel.
    3. Once you have set up the installation, go to Tools → Import in your new installation. Use the WordPress importer and import the XML file you just downloaded.
    4. Go to Settings → Privacy and block out search engines.
  4. Go to the folder wp-content/themes/ in your WP installation and upload the suffusion folder you unzipped locally. If you have an existing folder called suffusion already there, either rename the old folder to suffusion-old or  the new folder to suffusion-new.
  5. Activate the theme.

What to Test

The following is a list of items you should look out for:

  1. Setup
    On the back-end:
    1. You shouldn’t see any “white screens of death” when you activate the theme. This should be true for installations where this is your second installation of Suffusion, as well as those where this is your first.
    2. You should see a single menu item under “Appearance” as stated above.
    3. Saving options on a particular screen, as well as under a whole section should both work. Correspondingly you should be able to reset options and delete the entire option set.
    4. Importing/Exporting of options and migrating options from older versions should work.
  2. Layouts
    Check for the following:
    1. Pullout/corner style bylines.
    2. Individual templates (No Sidebar, Single Left, Single Right, Double Left etc., Page of Posts, Magazine).
    3. Different types of sidebar arrangements on your regular site without using templates – single left, single right, single left single right, double left, double right.
    4. Conditional sidebars – on your blog page you can have a different number of sidebars from say, a single post page.
    5. Wide sidebars and static tabbed sidebars should work.
    6. Header inside wrapper, outside wrapper etc.
    7. Navigation bar inside wrapper, outside wrapper etc.
    8. Footer inside wrapper, outside wrapper etc.
  3. Skinning
    Check if the following are getting saved and appropriately picked up.
    1. Font changes
    2. Borders
    3. Backgrounds
    4. Setting of colors – a new library is being used (Farbtastic) instead of the old one (JSColor)
  4. Images
    Since I have removed TimThumb, this will need special care:
    1. Static Featured Content: Test for both, full size and custom size
    2. Featured Content Widget: Test for both, full size and custom size
    3. Excerpts: Custom thumbnail size and standard thumbnail/medium/large size should be tested
    4. Magazine headlines: Custom size, or inherited from excerpt
    5. Magazine excerpts: Custom size, or inherited from excerpt
    6. Preference of picking up images should work (native WP featured image vs. custom field vs. embedded URL vs. attachment).
    7. Test for Zoom-crop (proportional resizing) for all cases of resizing. This should work for everything except native WP featured images and attachments (that is a WP limitation).
    8. The quality setting should be picked up.
    9. On the back-end test the new image uploader. You no longer need to explicitly enter the URL – using the uploader will automatically populate the URL for you. Clicking “Reset” should remove the URL.
    10. Test resizing on a multi-site installation.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Test for social networks setup under Suffusion Options → Back-end Settings → User Profiles. You should be able to manage the selected networks from Users → Your Profile.
    2. Verify that WP 3.0 menus are working

This is a very long list, and trust me, the checks I put the theme through while developing are even more (which is why I request for more volunteers to do the support – this is too much work for one person). If you are doing the beta test you don’t have test everything out unless you want to. Instead you can pick a scenario that you want and run the tests for that. For example, if you are in the habit of playing with images on your site, the Images tests are what should be of greatest benefit.

I am going to break my rule here about posting on the forum. For the beta tests alone, you can put in comments about any bugs that you encounter over here.

Thanks for helping out!

Feb 112011

I have finally managed to make all the changes that I needed to do except a couple for version 3.7.4, and I have managed to test almost all the scenarios. However, given that this has been a very tough release to do thanks to my having to adapt to multiple changes in the WP theme review requirements, I would like to push this out as a beta release before I submit it for review.

In brief, the changes have been multitudinous:

  1. Complete removal of support for WP 2.9 and older. Let’s face it – version 3.0 of WP came out in mid-June 2010. 8 months should have been more than enough for folks to upgrade.
  2. Migration to standard APIs of WordPress. This was a very very big task with high risk:
    1. Change of admin panel to use WP’s Settings API. Getting this wrong can mean that you will lose all your options, so I had to be very sure I wasn’t breaking anything.
    2. Complete replacement of TimThumb using native WP image resizing functionality. I have been particularly jittery about this one because if I mess this one up, you will be in image resizing hell.
    3. Removal of all file open / CURL calls to switch to native WP calls.

There were several other changes (my change log stands at 40+ items). I will post instructions for how to obtain the beta and what to test for in my next post later today. Stay tuned.

Jan 152011
How To

Back in September I released Suffusion Version 3.6.6, where I introduced the capability to skin the navigation bars. To do this I added some nifty constructs that would help skin borders, backgrounds etc. Shortly after that some users (albeit a very small percentage) started reporting an inability to save Theme Skinning options. I tried debugging this, but failed to come up with a solution.

Then, one of Suffusion’s users, “Bird” carried out some terrific voluntary research and found the root cause. Apparently quite a few folks have a protection system called Suhosin installed. To quote “Bird”:

As I had the same issue with Suffusion 3.7.3, I did some research and finally found out that the probelm appears due to ‘php5-suhosin’, a protection system that only allows a maximum of 200 variables per post by default.

In order to check if suhosin is running and might be causing your problems, just create a php-file (e.g. "info.php") with the following content:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

The variables that are of interest for us and that need to be changed are: "suhosin.post.max_vars" and "suhosin.request.max_vars". Set them both to "500" and the problem should be solved.

What was happening is that the “Theme Skinning” page, thanks to the addition of the new options had a very high number of HTML input fields. Each border / background element / font triggered around 5-6 extra HTML fields, and given the customization choices, the total number of fields multiplied to get to quite a high figure.

The implementation of the fix, though required a little bit more work. And kudos to “Titus”, another user, for the solution. Apparently it is not enough to simply set the above variables to a high figure. You also need to fiddle with a few more. You can set the following values:

suhosin.memory_limit 128M 128M
suhosin.post.max_value_length 65000 65000
suhosin.request.max_value_length 65000 65000

This should take care of the problem. So if you are facing an issue with saving your options, try tweaking the settings as described above. You might need the help of your hosting provider to help set these values.

Dec 202010

Version 3.7.3 is another security patch that was released yesterday. The following are the changes:

  1. Apparently there was a problem with my checked in code in 3.7.2, so the site optimization check for CSS files didn’t go through correctly. This has now been corrected.
  2. I fixed a problem where the edit link for pages was not clickable.

You are strongly encouraged to do this upgrade.

Dec 162010

For once this is an important security patch, hence I made this release by disrupting my regular theme development. Here are the changes:

  1. Added some security checks to ensure that the site optimization activities would take only CSS files for compression/zipping.
  2. Fixed a bug with the byline pullout in IE7, where the pullout was lying over the content.
  3. Fixed a bug with the SEO settings where if the theme’s SEO was disabled, it was not printing any title.
  4. Changed a Twitter icon file name to have only lower case characters, so that it works with all operating systems

I encourage you to download this patch. For now the translations are in the theme. I will remove them from the next version.

Dec 142010

The theme reviewers at WordPress revamped the official list of featured themes earlier this morning … and listed Suffusion as a featured theme! Note that “popular themes” are determined by the number of downloads that users make and the “featured themes” are listed based on a set of more subjective criteria. Till yesterday the list of featured themes was quite old and had themes that hadn’t seen any updates since ages, but the new refresh has ensured that obsolete themes are no longer a part of the list.

Where Have I Been?

For the past week or so I have been extra-busy with my move. Now that I have moved to a new city, I have new challenges, like finding a place to live, a school for my son etc. As a result my responses on the support forum will be slow for the next couple of weeks as well. Please take this into consideration when you post asking for help.

I have also had a lot of difficulty setting up my new development machine, with Firefox absolutely refusing to install the Adobe Flash plugin, rendering it more or less useless. All in all, the theme development has slowed down significantly too. That being said, before the hiatus I had made some significant changes, mostly beneath the hood. One of these changes involved completely replacing TimThumb with native WP functionality, and another was to start replacing the existing options framework with WP’s native Settings API. Both these changes are far reaching and very high impact, as a result I want to be very sure of their correctness before I make them available. It is here that I have to seek your help in beta testing. Please let me know if you would be willing to help out in this process. You can do so by commenting to this post, and I will respond to you via email when I am ready to distribute a beta version, provided, of course, that you leave a valid email id!


Dec 052010

To all users of Suffusion – a BIG THANK YOU!! On 5th December 2010 Suffusion reached 150 ratings on WordPress.org! A couple of months back I had excitedly announced the milestone of 100 ratings, whereby Suffusion became only the 5th theme to reach that landmark. I am happy to announce that Suffusion is now the 4th theme to get to 150 ratings, with only Atahualpa, Inove and Mystique ahead of it. Thanks to all of you!

As you are well aware, I don’t work on the theme with the expectation of monetary gain, which is why Suffusion is one of those rare themes that is truly free in every sense. In fact some of you have even sent me messages offering to pay me for customization and I have always given you the same response – I don’t do freelancing, because my family, my day job and the constant work on Suffusion to keep it good pretty much consume all the time I have. I don’t even try to market the theme because I cannot take on the extra load.

As a result, your appreciation through my coffee fund and being rated on WordPress.org are pretty much priceless as rewards, because it means that the 30000+ lines of code I have written for the theme have some value to someone!

Now for some more good news – at a recently conducted poll on WLTC, Suffusion got voted among the top 5 favourite themes by users, ahead of a lot of personal favourites of my own (you can check my own favourites out there). So thanks to all of you who voted for Suffusion there, too!

Now for the big announcement that I mentioned in my last theme release post.

I am moving translations out of core Suffusion. This means that individual language translation files will no longer be distributed with the theme.

But don’t worry. I am not leaving you in the lurch. I have set up a page called Translating Suffusion for your use. The page is very well detailed and has a lot of information:

  1. You can download individual language translation files.
  2. I have explained how you can set up your sites so that translations don’t get overwritten when you upgrade the theme.
  3. I have even provided guidelines for you to create your own translations. Well, not really, but I have provided references to great tutorials and tools to help you do that.

Why did I do this? There are several reasons:

  1. Quite simply, the theme package was getting extremely large – at 1.7MB it was larger than most themes I have seen. Removing all the translations reduced the size by around 400KB. Mind you, most of the theme’s users use the English version of the theme. Folks using localization use just one localization language, hence the extra files are meaningless to most users.
  2. The Translating Suffusion page provides a centralized view of the different translations, including information about the freshness of each translation. If you believe you can bring one of the translations up to date, please take a shot at it.
  3. I wanted to provide better visibility to the contributors. Earlier I simply used to mention the names of the contributors in release announcements. Now you can see the names of all contributors for every single translation in one place.

Starting from version 3.7.2 I will be removing all the translation files from the theme, but the process I have outlined in the Translating Suffusion page should work right away.

Do let me know if you have any questions / concerns / feedback.

Nov 302010

Suffusion Version 3.7.1 was released earlier today. These are the key changes in this version:

  1. New Features
    There were a handful of new features in this release
    1. Pullout-style Bylines
      I added a new way to display page and post byline information (the byline information comprises of “Posted By”, “Category”, “Tag” etc). You can now display the information as a “pullout” instead of in the corners. Here is a snapshot of how this looks:
      For the Minima skin the pullouts are enabled by default. If you don’t like it, or if you like it enough to enable it for other skins, go to Blog Features → Post and Page Bylines → Position of Meta Information (including date) and pick how you want to show it.
      Note that with this you can now display the publishing date of the post for the Minima skin, which was earlier not possible without a hack.
    2. New Attachment Template
      Suffusion earlier used to default to a generic attachment page. In this release there is a special attachment template that displays an apt icon for the type of attachment you have. I have made this functionality extremely flexible. For example if your attachment is an audio file, you can set the attachment page to display an embedded player to play the file. If your attachment is an image file you can choose to show EXIF data for the image.
      In addition, you can define your own handling functions for different mime types. There are functions existing for the basic mime types: suffusion_image_attachment (for image attachments), suffusion_audio_attachment (for audio attachments), suffusion_video_attachment (for video attachments), suffusion_text_attachment (for text attachments) and suffusion_application_attachment (for application attachments). You could define other functions in your child theme like suffusion_vnd_ms_powerpoint_attachment (for Microsoft PowerPoint attachments).
      You can control the settings from Templates → Attachment.
    3. JQuery Masonry
      JQuery Masonry is a very interesting add-on that I had been wanting to add for a while now. This release I finally was able to get it in. This add-on automatically adjusts layout for floated elements. So you will not see fewer empty spaces in the horizontal widget areas (Widget Area Below Header etc), when the widgets are of different heights.
    4. New Filter Hooks
      A lot of new filter hooks were added for better child theme support:
      1. suffusion_can_display_top_navigation
      2. suffusion_can_display_main_navigation
      3. suffusion_can_display_sliding_panel
      4. suffusion_can_display_left_sidebars
      5. suffusion_can_display_right_sidebars
      6. suffusion_can_display_widgets_above_header
      7. suffusion_can_display_widget_area_below_header
      8. suffusion_can_display_widget_area_above_footer
      9. suffusion_can_display_open_header
      10. suffusion_can_display_closed_header
      11. suffusion_can_display_breadcrumb_navigation
      12. suffusion_can_display_hierarchical_navigation

      If you are using a child theme, you can hook in your custom functions through these and prevent a particular widget area from being displayed.

  2. Changed Functionality
    This is mostly technical mumbo-jumbo, so you can skip this section if you are not interested.
    1. Selective removal of backward compatibility
      I have removed the following as per my previous announcement:
      1. function_exists checks for functions such as register_sidebar and dynamic_sidebar. These functions have existed since version 2.2 of WP and hence a function_exists check for these was overkill.
      2. Some other checks using function_exists have been removed, where very old WP functions were being checked for existence.
      3. A call to automatic_feed_links has been removed. This was a weird requirement, since the replacement for this function has only been available since WP 3.0, so for backward compatibility up to 2.9, I had to fall back on an older approach!
    2. Replacement with new functions
      The following functions from older versions of WP have been replaced with better/new variants, as per Theme Review recommendations:
      1. get_option("home")home_url()
      2. bloginfo("template_directory")get_template_directory_uri()
      3. bloginfo("stylesheet_directory")get_stylesheet_directory_uri()
      4. get_bloginfo("rss2_url")get_feed_link("rss2")
    3. CSS Optimization
      I have dome a good bit of CSS optimization by using a generic class for sidebars. I will be doing further optimizations to reduce CSS size in the next few releases.
  3. Bug Fixes
    1. The biggest bug fix for this release was for one that was causing the Double Right Sidebar layout to position the sidebars outside the content.
    2. Thanks to a tip from one user on the support forum, I managed to fix an unexpected bug with the Google Translator widget not working. That has now been fixed and it works as expected.
    3. There was a bug due to which disabling Suffusion’s SEO settings was not working for document titles. This has been fixed.
    4. There are a couple of rendering rendering issues on WebKit-based browsers (Safari and Chrome) that have been fixed. The first was a gap of 2 pixels between the bottom of the navigation bar items and the lower border of the navigation bars. The second was where setting the CSS max-width and min-width parameters with a fixed width layout was causing issues.
    5. Under some settings the navigation bar was not stretching across the width of the wrapper. This too has been fixed.
    6. The HTML attribute “height” has been removed from image HTML tags. This makes sure that the aspect ratio is preserved if you have a large image and it is being scaled down to fit into the dimensions of your content so that it doesn’t overflow.
    7. Another minor bug fix was where the home page wasn’t getting highlighted if it was a text link.
    8. Under certain rare cases there was a debug message showing up saying “Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated”. One such case was when the WP-United plugin was being used. I put in some code so that this wouldn’t happen, so hopefully this bug is now fixed.

Now for some upcoming changes. Note that these changes are quite high impact, however they haven’t been made yet.

  1. Removal of TimThumb Support
    TimThumb is the most widely used open-source PHP-based image resizing script available. But for various reasons the script doesn’t find favour with the WP theme approvers. Their requirement is that if your theme is not backwards compatible you MUST use WP’s native “post_thumbnail” feature. That would have been fine in the normal course of things, except that this is a fairly half-baked feature in WP at present. It has several shortcomings:
    1. It doesn’t apply to custom fields. So you cannot use it to have one thumbnail for an excerpt, a different thumbnail for the same post in the featured post section and yet another picture in the main content.
    2. It is not dynamic. In other words, images of a particular size are generated when a post is saved, but if you were to demand an image of a different size, you would have to first register that size, then fetch the generated image. This is a double-edged shortcoming, though. It prevents users from specifying any size they want and filling up the WP installation’s folder with all the generated images.
    3. Not being dynamic presents another challenge. Existing posts in your blog will not work without being modified specifically to work with the post_thumbnail functionality. That is a real pain.

    Nonetheless, this is something that has to be fixed, because the theme reviewers are planning to completely outlaw TimThumb in a few weeks. I am working on some alternatives, so hopefully I will have something by the next release.

  2. Moving Translations out of the Core Theme
    Suffusion has translations in 23 different languages at the time of writing this post. Though this means the theme has an excellent user base, it also means that the zipped theme file I upload to the repository is around 400KB larger than it could have been.
    So I am going to keep the translation files separate from the main theme. That would require you to download the translation that you need explicitly from this site. Luckily the translations don’t change very often, so this is mostly an infrequent annoyance. Version 3.7.1 had some translation-related changes, so I am expecting translators to post their updates. Once they do so, I will distribute them here so that you can make the update as appropriate.

That’s it for this release. Keep watching this space for the two main items I wrote about above.