Jul 012011

Version 3.7.9 of Suffusion was approved today, and as things happen, shortly after approval I discovered a bug which I fixed. So the new version available is 3.8.0. This version should work on the upcoming WP 3.2 – I have made sure that the admin-side JS doesn’t break.

This version has a very long but hopefully low impact change log. The following are the changes:

  1. Bug Fixes
    1. There was a problem with selecting fonts that had spaces in their name in the back-end. This has been addressed.
    2. In IE7 if you were to use the “No Sidebars” template with the “Widget Area Below Header” enabled, there were markup issues. This has been addressed.
    3. The “pullout” style displays (like the Minima skin) had an error in the markup – it was missing a closing tag.
    4. The image resizer was incorrectly creating multiple copies of the source file if the file extension was in uppercase. Now it will not.
    5. I fixed a bug where the sidebars below Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2 were incorrectly picking the styles defined for the upper sidebars.
    6. This is not a bug fix as such, but I removed the “Notifier Failed” message that was shown earlier in the options panel if my site was down.
    7. I fixed a minor problem where the options panel was sometimes showing incorrect values for default colours.
    8. The sitemap template was not showing contents properly without saving the options for it twice. Now that has been resolved.
    9. Another minor bug fixed is that in the Alternate Page Title handling. There was a small inaccuracy in the code that would prevent the alternate titles from working under some circumstances.
  2. Changed Features
    1. The “Edit” link earlier used to be displayed only on singular views (i.e. on pages and on single posts). I have now made it visible on the archive views too.
    2. I made the button bar in the back-end a lot less intrusive, based on user feedback. I also made the back-end fluid-width instead of fixed width.
    3. The Featured Content has always used the JQuery Cycle plugin. Cycle was meant to cycle through a series of images, so it displayed a blank box whenever you had a single post in your featured content. I worked around this – you can now have just one post in your featured content and it will work just fine.
    4. Code Housekeeping
      1. IE6-specific Cleanup
        1. In an effort to clean up for IE6, I replaced Microsoft Expressions with JavaScript. As an end user you will not see any impact, except that it speeds up a few things. Not that I expect you to use IE6, but even so.
        2. I also got the IE-specific fixes to enqueue instead of including them directly. Again, you can safely ignore this – it will not impact you as a user.
      2. I swapped out some of the admin panel checks with standard WP functions like checked() and selected().
      3. There are some minor CSS cleanups done.
      4. I have swapped out the use of $post->post_title with get_the_title(). so that the right filters are applied.
      5. I have removed the scripts for JQuery Accordion – it was something erroneously included in the first place, so removing it should have no impact on you.
    5. The replacement text for […] in excerpts now supports HTML in addition to plain text.
  3. New Features
    1. This is something that folks might like: I introduced a method to search for options in the back-end. It is not perfect, but it should help people find options a lot quicker. You will see a box called “Quick Search” in your options screens – that is where you can start typing what you are looking for.
    2. Magazine and Tile Layout
      1. Now there is byline support for the Tile Layout and the Magazine Template. Hopefully you will like what has been implemented. To save on real estate, this has been implemented as clickable icons, which you can click to see the details.
      2. Additional modifications to the Magazine Template include the ability to control the number of sidebars in there. This too makes its way after quite a few requests.
      3. Custom thumbnail sizes can now explicitly be defined for the Tile Layout. Earlier the thumbnail inherited the sizes from the Magazine layout.
    3. Widgets
      1. There is a new Flickr widget to help display your Flickr stream. It is not as fancy as what I had put together for the gallery short-code extension, but it does its job as it should.
      2. The Twitter Widget got a rewrite! It now displays your Avatar for your tweets, and the Avatar of the original tweeter in case of a retweet.
      3. The Category Posts widget (and the static category posts in the magazine layout) got a rewrite too! It now displays a post thumbnail, in addition to an excerpt if you wish. You can additionally control the length of the excerpt and make it different from that of a standard excerpt.
    4. Special Handling
      1. Support for post formats has been significantly improved. For each post format you can control how the bylines should appear etc. Check out Other Graphical Elements → Post Formats.
      2. You can now control the number of sidebars on single posts. In your “Edit Post” screen you will see a drop-down that says “Select the sidebar layout to apply to this post” under “Additional Options for Suffusion”. You can pick the layout you wish for that.
      3. You can now hide the page title for pages. In the “Edit Page” screen you will see a checkbox that says “Do not display the page title” under “Additional Options for Suffusion”, which upon selecting will hide the page title.
      4. For posts without a title, a specific “Permalink” is displayed. This is turned on by default and can be switched off in Other Graphical Elements → Post and Page Bylines.
    5. A search form has been added to the 404 page, as per WordPress requirements.
    6. For image attachments you can display all available image sizes at the top. Take a look at Templates → Attachments.
    7. Rounded corner support has been extended to IE9.
    8. There is a new “Mosaic Layout”. Consider this an apology for not including the photo-blogging features I had thought I would, but this was the least I felt I could do. The mosaic layout will display just the thumbnails of your posts in an archive view, nothing else. In many ways it is like the List Layout, except that this shows thumbnails instead of titles.
    9. There is a new short code that accompanies the Flickr Widget, called suffusion-flickr. It takes the same parameters as the widget, so you can pass the following
      1. id – Mandatory, can be obtained from http://idgettr.com using your photo stream’s URL
      2. type – Mandatory, legitimate values: user, group
      3. size – Optional, legitimate values: s (square), t (thumbnail), m (mid-size); default: s
      4. number – Optional, default 10
      5. order – Optional, legitimate values: latest, random; default: latest
      6. layout – Optional, legitimate values: h (horizontal), v (vertical), x (no layout – user-styled); default: x
    10. There are a couple of new filters: suffusion_comment_form_fields and suffusion_permalink_text. The former can be used if you want to override the fields in the comment form, while the latter can be used to override the “Permalink” text that you see for the newly introduced permalink byline.
    11. In the previous version I introduced WPML support for text fields entered on the admin side. In this release this support has been extended to fields that are of type “textarea” as well. E.g. The 404 page content under Templates → 404 is a text area, so the text you have there can be translated into multiple languages using WPML.
  4. Removed Features
    1. I removed the ability to load JS files in the footer, because this was causing a lot of dependency issues. Most caching plugins will let you do this, though, so you are not really losing out on much by means of functionality.

There is one thing I am not pleased with for this release, and that is a lack of polish on some of the new functionality, like the enhanced Post Format support, the Mosaic Layout etc. Believe me, I would have done things much better if I had more time to spare, but having got caught up between releasing the theme to be WP 3.2-ready and adding features and working full-time elsewhere, I had to make some sacrifices. Rest assured that I will improve on these in the near future.

I would again like to reiterate something that I touched upon in my last few posts. Suffusion is almost 2 years old and has evolved into something that I am very proud of. However, due to several factors I believe now is the time to wind down the development of the theme:

  1. The theme has reached a level of complexity beyond which it will become more of a liability than an asset. So from now on, big ticket new features are a strict no-no, except for some things documented below.
  2. I am trying to reclaim some time for myself. Thanks to all volunteers on the forum (you know who you are!) the load on me has reduced quite a lot, however with every new feature comes a new set of support questions. Juggling between coding, supporting and working is turning out to be a strain.

However, in the light of the queries posted in response to my previous post I must hasten to point out:

  1. Incremental development will continue, like new skins, new templates, support for newer WP versions.
  2. Some big ticket items are still in scope for the theme, specifically in the area of sidebars, and making the theme more of a customizable framework.
  3. I will channel my energy into building some plugins that you can take with you to any theme. As mentioned in my last post I will bundle the photo-blogging features into a plugin. In addition I will build some plugins to manage fonts etc.
  4. I will improve theme documentation.
  5. I will also switch back to mini-releases instead of humongous ones. Though a lot of people don’t like frequent updates to the theme, from my experience over the last few releases, smaller updates are easier to process and definitely easier to support.


Jun 282011

Folks, I have another update on Version 3.7.9 of Suffusion. Unfortunately it is not all good news.

Bad News 1

The feature most looked forward to for this release was undoubtedly photo-blogging. Unfortunately I had to pull this to a large extent. The reason was that I have been quite busy on both, personal and professional fronts and I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to the theme as I used to earlier. As a result, the last 20% of the features that needed to be fixed for photo-blogging became too daunting to tackle. Eventually I culled the features from the theme.

The reason was that WP version 3.2 is almost upon us, and I am pretty sure that due to the JQuery library changes in the core, version 3.7.8 is going to break on the admin panel side of things (the theme itself would work). So I had to fast-track the development and remove things that were taking too long to build.

Good News 1

This was something I had been debating for a while – should the photo-blogging support be a part of a plugin? Eventually I decided “yes”. As I wrote earlier, I have done a lot of work on the integration of WP galleries with Flickr and Picasa and it would be a shame to throw it all away. So I decided to make a plugin with it. Strictly speaking it is an enhancement of a standard short-code, hence it does fit in the plugin territory. I will keep you posted about the developments on that front.

Bad News 2

I had also hoped to revamp a few things like how the featured content slider looks, in terms of placement of the post index etc. Another area I was working on was the look and feel for the tiles and the magazine layout. Again, these have been relegated to the back-seat for now.

Good News 2

There are, however, several improvements to the magazine layout in general and to the theme overall, like some new widgets, some improved widgets etc. I will publish the full change log once the release is done. The change log is not small by any means.

I should be submitting the new version in a day or two. Hope you will like it.

On a personal front, I believe I have almost reached saturation as far as Suffusion is concerned. I will actively try to avoid big ticket new features from now on and instead focus on releasing functionality as plugins. I will also try to improve my site design skills and make Suffusion look pretty on the front. I believe I have built a unique framework in the sense that it works for people who are not very code savvy, so my goal has been more or less achieved.

Jun 102011
How To

Gauging by trending questions on the Support Forum, I decided to start a series of simple “How To” solutions. Each addresses an oft answered yet frequently asked question on different support forums. Unlike the broader spectrum “Recipes”, this will require little to no coding.

Here’s hoping that people will find the series useful.

To hide the search box in the navigation bar of Suffusion:

  1. Go to Suffusion Options → Sidebar Configuration → Right Header Widgets
  2. For “Show Search in Widget Area on right side of header”, set it to “Hide the Search”


May 162011

A note just came out on certain core changes for WP 3.2, which makes my job tougher.

WP has updated its core JQuery version from 1.4.4 to 1.6.1 and the corresponding JQuery UI version from 1.8.7 to 1.8.12. This means that I now have to have yet another switch at the back-end to compare version numbers of WP, then include the corresponding JQuery UI libraries (one of the JQuery UI plugins I use, “Slider” is not distributed by WP). This also means that faulty plugins have the opportunity to wreck more themes. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

Another undesirable impact is that a release that is already late will get even more delayed – the Beta 1 version of WP 3.2 doesn’t have the latest libraries, so I have to wait till a new Beta is released to test my changes, since I am not very keen about checking code off the development version of WP.

The delays notwithstanding, I plan to put out very soon a demo showcasing some of the new features of the next version of Suffusion. So stay tuned.

May 122011

The first Beta version of WP 3.2 is out. Though this is more of an evolutionary release, as the release notes point out, there are some significant things you need to note:

  1. PHP 4.0 will no longer be an option. You need to have at least PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. This makes me very happy, since I have sometimes been caught napping due to the use of a PHP 5* function causing breakage under PHP 4*.
  2. IE6 support is being killed. This makes me even happier!! Though I have tried to keep Suffusion running under IE6, it has been a struggle, particularly with respect to certain dynamic sidebar arrangements (I know for sure that some of them don’t work). The official killing of IE6 support means that I can kill IE6 support myself and not feel guilty.

The killing of support for older versions of software has a side-effect that makes me rub my hands with evil laughter. The reason? Plugin authors have to pull up their socks. The two main types of extensions to WP, themes and plugins have very contrasting levels of controls. Themes go through a rigorous and regimented approval process, with a battery of tests, standards compliance checks and so on. Periodically the theme review team goes through existing repository themes, then yanks those which have not been updated for eons.

Plugins are at the other end of the spectrum: once you get space assigned to you in the plugin repository you can check in pretty much what you want. The net result is that plugins often follow poor coding practices, use outdated JS and cause royal conflicts with themes. An example is the one I detailed in a prior post, where incorrectly coded plugins tend to include their JS on all admin pages, resulting in the theme’s admin panel (or other plugins’ admin panels) behaving incorrectly.

In addition there are a handful of other changes, including a new default theme, Twenty Eleven. Do feel free to give the beta a shot on your test sites.

A word about version 3.7.9 of Suffusion: I was on vacation last week, so I couldn’t do much. After my return I have closed the loop on some functionality that I was designing. I should have a version out hopefully by the end of this month.

Apr 272011

It has been almost 2 months since version 3.7.8, so I believe an update is due.

I have been working on and off on building version 3.7.9 and I have so far made a bunch of changes already. The last few remain, but as it is said, the last 385 yards in a marathon are the toughest. Here is what I have completed so far, a lot of which was promised and a lot of which was reactionary:

  1. Photo-blogging support
    1. Flickr support: Almost done. I just need to support pagination of photos
    2. Picasaweb support: Almost done, though this is decidedly less powerful than Flickr. The reason has more to do with the shortcomings of the Picasaweb API
    3. Native galleries: This is actually the backbone of my gallery implementation (including both the above). What I have done is that I have overridden the native gallery shortcode of WordPress to make it ultra-powerful. Here is what it can do:
      1. You can pass certain parameters to the native gallery shortcode of WP, like type=’flickr’ and display a Flickr gallery. Current supported parameters for this are “default”, “flickr” and “picasa”. This part is done, and I can reliably retrieve galleries from each of these sources. In case of Flickr things are very advanced: you can get photo-sets, collections, galleries, searched photos etc – it all works.
      2. Once a gallery is retrieved there are different ways to display it. You can show the thumbnails for the gallery, then have the image displayed above or below the thumbnails. Alternatively you don’t have to display the full image in the page. Instead you can launch a slideshow overlaying the page using Fancybox, Slimbox2 or Colorbox. This has been implemented for native galleries, but the integration with Flickr and Picasaweb is underway.
    4. YAPB support: Some work remains, though the basics are in place.
    5. Support for miscellaneous types: Done.
    6. Mosaic Layout: This is complete.
  2. Magazine Template Enhancements
    The magazine template was in dire need of a facelift in quite a few departments. I have addressed some of them:
    1. Byline information can be displayed on both, the magazine template as well as the tile layout. I had to think outside the box to come up with a way to do this, which took time.
    2. I am making some enhancements to the featured content in terms of positioning the pager, the previous and next controls etc. This is still underway.
    3. I have enhanced the Category Post widget and the static Category Post feature in the magazine template. You can now make it show a thumbnail for the post along with a brief excerpt.
  3. Other enhancements (all complete)
    1. The Twitter widget is now much better looking and it can display avatars. I have built it intelligently enough so that in case of re-tweets you get to see the original user’s avatar.
    2. You can now use post formats much better. Post formats refer to the long list that you see on the right of your Edit Post screen. It has things like “Standard”, “Aside” etc. Suffusion intelligently removes things like post titles from some of these formats (like asides and quotes). Of course, this is configurable. Also you can display bylines differently for different post formats.
    3. You can now control things like the number of sidebars in individual posts.

The release should take a few more weeks to wrap up. Though the list of activities is quite big, the changes are of a much lower impact than it would appear. Hence I am not foreseeing any major issues with the release.

Apr 272011

This should have been done a long time ago, but a lot of extenuating factors have been at play here. The following translations have been added/updated:

  1. New
    1. Japanese, thanks to Trippyboy.
    2. Czech, thanks to Ivojan.
  2. Updated
    1. Spanish, thanks to Memoria De Una Desmemoriada
    2. Simplified Chinese, thanks to Wang Feng
    3. Traditional Chinese, thanks to Yilin
    4. Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Luigi Rotelli.
    5. Italian, thanks to Giuseppe Lodi Rizzini.
    6. German du and sie, thanks to Connie Müller-Gödecke.

As always, the details about translation can be found on the official translations page.

Mar 222011

Pontification, philosophizing and detours are normally left for my personal blog, however let me do a bit of it all here.

My favourite sport by a distance is Cricket. Like every other sport cricket defines its own set of landmarks that players can get to. For the uninitiated the two main categories in which you achieve landmarks are batting and bowling (think batters and pitchers in baseball). And certain landmarks are the benchmarks of great players. For example, you can score centuries in matches by batting and making 100 runs or more (I won’t go into the technicalities for the sake of brevity).

My favourite player Sachin Tendulkar holds the records for the highest number of centuries in the 2 major forms of cricket – the 5-day variant (Test cricket) and the 1-day variant (One-Day Internationals). He also holds the records for the maximum number of runs scored in each of these forms. Another great player of this era, Jacques Kallis was often criticized, though, for not having scored a single double-century (200 runs or more) in Tests. It was so because a test double-century is the basic adornment in the repertoire of any great cricketer. Tendulkar has a handful (including the only double-century in men’s ODIs) and Brian Lara has a good few (he also has a triple-century and the only quadruple-century in Tests), so Kallis’ achievements looked rather empty without one. Then, in the recently concluded Test series between South Africa and India Kallis did manage to get his elusive double, thereby confirming his place in the pantheon of greats.

The reason for this diversionary discourse was to tell all of you that today Suffusion became only the third theme distributed through WordPress.org to reach the milestone of 200 ratings. The two themes to have achieved more, albeit in much longer life spans are Atahualpa and INove. As I have mentioned earlier, for the free code and support that I offer, this is quite simply the greatest reward I can get from you. So a big THANK YOU goes out to all of you!!

As is customary, at each milestone I chart the course for the next few months, so let me do the same here:

  1. Most changes from this point on are going to be evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary. In this context the fiascos of 3.6.8 and 3.7.5/3.7.7 were necessary though not necessarily inevitable. From this point on I will not release anything so big that it changes the entire architecture of the theme. The changes in 3.7.5/3.7.7 had to be made, otherwise I would have even bigger hurdles to cross with every new release of WP and increasingly restrictive theme approval guidelines.
  2. The photo-blogging layout is coming soon! I will probably keep the functionality good, but not ultra-rich in the first release. It will be good enough for things like Flickr and Picasa integration though, which very few themes or plugins do a good job of apparently. I will soon post a sample of what I have been working on for you to try out. I will also give the magazine layout a shot in the arm.
  3. I have been working on a few theme skins. While I am by no means an avant-garde designer, I don’t consider myself aesthetically challenged and I do manage a decent job with Photoshop when aided by tutorials. However the demands and challenges of a complex theme leave little in stock for me to devote to Photoshop. As a result I have sacrificed beauty for functionality quite heavily. But not any more. With photo-blogging out of the gates I will be able to pay a little more attention to how Suffusion looks. So expect a few nicer skins.
  4. The last focus area for Suffusion is some revolutionary sidebars. As alluded to earlier, I have some outrageous ideas for what can be done with sidebars and I definitely intend to deliver on those.
  5. Wrap up. Yup – as I mentioned a couple of posts back, having done the activities listed above I will have wrapped up all major development on Suffusion. Subsequent releases will only patch bugs and make minor improvements in terms of support for newer versions of WP.

Have fun!

Mar 142011

In recent times the Suffusion forum, which is driven by phpBB, had been plagued with hordes of spammers. I initially thought people came, spammed, then left. But then I was alerted by a user that the spammers had infested the boards by creating lots and lots of dummy logins, and in effect my Captcha was broken. I had earlier switched from GD Image Captcha to a Simple Captcha, because sometimes GD Image Captcha was too tough to figure out for humans as well. The result was that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) was easier to carry out for Simple Captcha, and everyday there were hundreds of spammers thronging the boards.

The net result was that I had to spend almost three hours cleaning up the user database. I brought down the total number of users from 7800+ to just around 2200+. In this process I am sure I have deleted a few legitimate users, because I used the criterion “0 posts” for most of my cleanup. I know that some of you have sent me PMs but haven’t posted on the forum. If that has been the case, then your account too would have been deleted. If so, please go ahead and re-create your account. I have changed the Captcha to be of a “Q&A” form, so this should keep out Spambots. Let’s see how it goes. Spam has been one of the reasons I have thought very seriously of building a Bug Tracker kind of add-on for Suffusion (using Custom Post Types), but that is something that needs lot of time and devotion.

Mar 072011

And so I have finally decided to take the plunge. Actually it was more of a push rather than a voluntary plunge, when my brother asked me to take a look at his photo blog and help him fix a plugin that he wanted to use. That is when I realized that building photo blogging functionality is not as difficult as it seems, because Suffusion already has a lot of the pieces in place. And in minutes I had built a “Mosaic layout”, just like the Excerpts, Tiles and List layouts.

I have been looking around a bit and I figured this would be a good starting set to provide for basic photo-blogging. Feel free to pitch in with your suggestions:

  1. Support for YAPB:
    Johannes Jarolim’s plugin is by far the most popular photo-blogging solution, hence this becomes a shoe-in for photo-blogging support.
  2. Other types of images:
    Let’s face it – the last time YAPB got an update was in December 2009, more than a year back. If you were to switch on WP_DEBUG on your site you would get catastrophic failures with YAPB (so would you with a lot of plugins, but that is besides the point). Since then WP has evolved significantly and so has our thinking of how to deal with images and other content. So additionally, the following types of images should also be handled in photo-blogs:
    1. Embedded URLs: The oldest way to embed an image in any HTML content – WP or otherwise. Suffusion does detect embedded URLs for the purpose of thumbnail generation, so if your post simply has an image URL, it will be picked up for display.
    2. Attachments: The oldest way to associate an image with a post in WP, this is also the way to build a gallery within your post.
    3. WP 3.0 Featured Images: This really elevates one image to a featured status in your post, so if you have a blog where you have a featured image associated with a post, that image will be the key image in your post.
    4. Image Custom Post Format: This is the new kid on the block. WP 3.1 introduced something called “Custom Post Formats”, which you might have seen in your admin panels as something that shows up on the right side of your post when you are editing one. Currently Suffusion just lists the post formats, but does nothing special with them. I am planning to dovetail support for the Image and Gallery Custom Post Formats with the photo-blogging features.

    All the above (except the custom post format) has existed in Suffusion for about a year now. The point of listing it here is to tell you that if you have a blog that follows one of the above patterns and you are looking to make it look like a photo-blog, Suffusion will have you covered.

  3. New Widgets:
    I have already finished developing a widget for Flickr. One more for Picasa is on its way. You will be able to either display a Flickr photo stream or a Picasa web album in these widgets.
  4. New Short Codes:
    Along with the Flickr widget I also built a Flickr short code which you will be able to insert into your post to display a Flickr photo stream. A similar one will be built for Picasa.
  5. New Mosaic Layout:
    This is where the image types in point #2 come in handy. Strictly speaking, though, this is just a listing of one thumbnail per post for each post in a category / tag / date archive etc, very similar to the tiled layout. The only difference is that you don’t see the excerpt – just the thumbnail is shown and you get a very minimalist design. One thing to note here is that whatever be the kind of image you have have in your post (YAPB or anything listed in point #2), it will be displayed in the thumbnail.
  6. EXIF display:
    I already have code for this, which you can use if you are looking at an image attachment.
  7. Multiple Sizes:
    Justin Tadlock provided a rather simple way to display all sizes an image is available in. I have already adapted that for Suffusion, so in the photo-blogging release you should be able to see all the sizes for a given image.
  8. Navigation:
    This is one area where I am undecided. Suffusion comes with a capability to navigate to the previous and next post, but users of photo-blogs like to show arrows on/beside their images for navigation. Here are some general thoughts (most of them contributed by my brother):
    1. Overlaid arrows are a bad idea because of touch devices (where you cannot hover).
    2. Pressing the keys for the right and left arrows should help you navigate right and left. These can be mapped to swipes on touch-screen phones.
    3. Of course, I could display arrows on either side of the image – that would do as well.
  9. Galleries:
    This is another area where I don’t really know what to do. For sure, you will be able to view multiple galleries in a post, but what are good things to add here?
    1. One thumbnail for the gallery, which can be clicked to launch a slideshow?
    2. All galleries listed out with their thumbnails? Mind you, the Flickr short code (and soon the Picasa short code) will do this.
    3. Lightbox/Thickbox/Fancybox integration? Note that you cannot really bundle a Flickr/Picasa gallery with any of these scripts, because of the Terms of Use of Flickr/Picasa. Also, I am not really decided on which one I will offer. Though I like Lightbox that needs Script.aculo.us, and since Suffusion already loads JQuery, it would be a drag to load another JS library, not to mention opening Pandora’s box in terms of compatibility issues. I would have gone for Thickbox, but that seems a bit slow. For now I am leaning towards Fancybox, though I am undecided.

So that’s that. Do feel free to provide your suggestions here. Also let me know of things such as:

  1. Do you want to have the post title displayed in the photo posts?
  2. Do you want to have the post title displayed in gallery posts?
  3. Do you want me to investigate / look at any specific layout?
  4. What kind of information would you like to see upon hovering on the thumbnails in the mosaic layout? Would the post title suffice?

I guess I have mentioned this before: photo-blogging is essentially the next major chapter in the development of Suffusion, and I believe with a little bit of polish this theme can then be called premium-ready (no, I am not going to make it a paid theme – that has never been my intention). After that I will have no major updates and will focus on a few decent skins. And then Suffusion can be called a closed chapter :-).