Aug 142018
The (Word)Pressing Issue that is Gutenberg

It is a sign of changing times when I get surprised by news specific to WordPress. I had heard about Gutenberg and the whole discussion around Facebook patenting REACT in a different context (about DIYThemes suing Automattic), and filed the information away as something not to be unduly concerned about. Then, three weeks back, as […]

Jul 122018
Photonic Version 1.67 - More Instagram

I had to release a small patch for Instagram and Flickr while prepping for a bigger release. Version 1.67 has the following changes: If a user’s Instagram profile had a large number of photos, there was no way to get all of them. Now Photonic shows a “More” button till all photos are exhausted. Upon […]

Jul 092018

Dear Users of Photonic, I know that many of you have, in the past, rated Photonic well on However, sometime in late 2016 / early 2017 WordPress deleted all ratings without reviews, causing Photonic to lose out on a large number of good ratings. As you are aware, all my WordPress work has been […]

May 282018
GDPR Compliance for Suffusion

I recently received a question about GDPR compliance for Suffusion on the WordPress forum, posted on the support forum for Photonic – not the right place to post. But there is no support forum page for Suffusion on the WordPress support forums, plus I don’t monitor the forums here since I gave up working on […]

May 252018
Photonic, GDPR, 500px and Flickr + SmugMug

In the past few weeks there has been a fair bit of buzz around General Data Protection Regulation a.k.a. GDPR, an EU law on data protection and privacy. In my day job as a consultant I am quite familiar with GDPR, but what took me by surprise was a question on the support forum asking […]

Feb 132017
Photonic Version 1.63 - TinyMCE Integration, StripJS Support

Photonic Version 1.63 has been released with two major updates requiring contrasting levels of development skill: TinyMCE Integration One of the most frequently raised support topics for Photonic was that upon inserting a gallery the user was presented with “No Items Found”. In each of those instances, upon performing troubleshooting what I found is that […]