Photonic Version 1.52 – Enhanced Layout and Gesture Support

I have released Photonic Version 1.52, with a plethora of changes: I have provided a new option to save the automatically generated CSS into a file. The option is under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Generic Settings. I had, in the previous version, provided support for “Random tiled galleries”. This was restricted to […]

Photonic Version 1.51 – Tiled Layouts and More!

A Happy New Year to all users of my themes and plugins! With the New Year comes a new release of Photonic, version 1.51. I have been gradually ramping up the functionality of what happens to be my favourite plugin, and this time I have introduced what is a pretty big feature – tiled layouts! […]

Photonic Version 1.50

I have just released version 1.50 of Photonic, which has some pretty nifty updates. Here is a summary: One shortcoming that Photonic had was that it didn’t support gestures on mobile devices. That is one less shortcoming with version 1.50. I have added support for Swipebox, which is the default lightbox at present. Swipebox also […]

Photonic Version 1.49

One of the bundled third-party scripts in Photonic was recently patched for a vulnerability, so I have released a security patch for Photonic. Please update your sites to the latest version of the plugin, 1.49. Thanks to all of you who wrote in with your feedback regarding Suffusion. I got caught up in work and […]

Photonic Version 1.44

As users in the support forum have discovered, there is an issue with Suffusion 4.4.6 and Photonic 1.44, which use a JQuery UI function that is no longer present in the JQuery UI version that has been bundled with WP 3.6. The Photonic patch has been released as plugin version 1.44, which is pretty much […]

Photonic Version 1.43

Apologies for the long wait after my last post. Work has been brutal, and after 16-hour workdays I have had scarcely any time for myself or my family, let alone Photonic or Suffusion. This version of Photonic was supposed to have a lot more stuff than it does, mainly pagination, but due to the sudden […]

Photonic Version 1.42

I have just released version 1.42 of Photonic. The major highlights of this version are under the hood, wherein there are lots of performance improvements. There has been a massive amount of refactoring. Several lines of JavaScript code have been taken off, lots of JavaScript and PHP code has been modularized. I have added an […]

Photonic Version 1.41

I have just released version 1.41 of Photonic with the following updates: One of the most popular plugins in WP is JetPack, and it also happens to be one that messes up other plugins quite a lot. I didn’t have JetPack active for a while since unknown to me the last time I had tried […]